Driving Weather in Florida Just Takes a Turn

Driving Weather in Florida Just Takes a Turn

Fully autonomous vehicles will now be seen running on the roads of Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and all of Florida very soon—as the state law has just approved the bill CS/HB 311.

CS/HB 311 Decoded

Aiming to make Florida a pioneer of technological advancements in the transportation sector—this bill has by law given the authority to research, test, develop, and run self-driving cars without any human interference at all.

Coming into action from July 1, 2019; it will change the system of must requiring at least one human being inside an automatic car to look after the functioning and driving.

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Signing Ceremony - When, Where, Whom

CS/HB 311 bill has been signed on June 13, 2019, by the State Governor Ron DeSantis at the National Center for the Research and Development of Advanced Mobility Solutions situated at the Suntrax Facility in Polk County, Florida.

Florida's Transportation Culture Insight

This State has always been a leading innovator of vehicular trends of the USA. Be it finishing the country’s newest autonomous vehicle test or having the only high-speed self-driving car testing facility in the entire southeastern part of the country—Florida is indeed practicing hard to be the first practical global-welcomer of future cars.

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Special Ride

There’s also an exquisite museum in Florida dedicated to unique and vintage cars named Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Featuring the standards of outstanding engineering from the 1920s and 1930s, it’s none less than existing heaven for car lovers. Following are some of the most treasured wheels of this museum:

Tracta, Panhard, DeLorean, Ruxton, and the world’s first self-propelled car—French 1770 Fardier de Cugnot, among so many others.


The automobile industry touched various heights in the United States, and it’s Florida that adheres most of the credit. Eventually, many dealers like Weather Tampa are about to join the race, many cities like Houston are yet to uncover their horizon: it’s just the beginning of the future of driving, there’s a long way to go.

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