Some Easy Lead Generation Tips for your Website

Some Easy Lead Generation Tips for your Website

If you are running an Internet-based dealership, lead generation is an important part of creating a successful business model for yourself. So the fundamental question arises, what is a lead? To talk in terms of e-commerce, a lead is any person or entity that is interested in the products you sell and has the potential to turn into your customer. Another question that arises is how do you separate mere surfers from actual leads? You analyze their actions on your website and then conclude whether they are a lead or not.

This article is written for those of you who are interested in propping up your dealership sales by tapping into potential customers through Lead Generation because every customer is first a lead. Given below are some easy ways that can help you with Lead Generation for your website.

1. Set Up an Email List

Emails are perhaps the most basic and fundamental method of lead generation that everyone should at least be doing, this because Email Marketing is one of the most effective and proven ways in which you can engage and interact with your lead. See all those E-mail notifications from the websites that you have subscribed for? Well, that’s Email Marketing at its best.

What’s more, the latest Email Marketing stats show that people still read E-mails and they still respond to them by taking actions, sometimes even up to 4 times a week! If you are just starting out with your E-mail marketing I would recommend MailChimp to you due to its effective management and the fact that it is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 monthly emails.

2. Design an Opt-In for your E-mail list

Have you ever seen the Subscribe now pop-ups when you visit any site or those pop-ups which prop you up to create an account to avail certain benefits for yourself, well that is what I am pointing at when referring to Opt-in Email List. Once you have got the E-mail list, it is necessary to get subscribers for yourself so start designing an Opt-In. There are various tools like OptinMonster that can help you design your specific campaign for specific users and can help you boost your subscribers. You should always remember that these Optin campaigns will the primary source for you to get your E-mail leads.

3. Create lead Magnets

In Lemann terms, an offer that would make the leads subscribe quickly rather than those boring signup pop-ups. So what you can do under Lead Magnet is create offer freebies such as a free e-book or a guide to navigating the site or a guide to best utilize the offers you roll-out, basically anything at all that can interest your users into signing up and doesn’t cost much to you.

4. Use the Exit Intent

Believe it or not, the best time to try and convince a person to sign up is while they are trying to leave the site, this is called the Exit Intent. If you look at the statistics, they show that

  • Sign-ups of sites like Airbnb grew by an overwhelming 650% while using the Exit Intent.
  • Ryan Robinson increased users by up to 500%

To use Exit Intent you can always refer to the guides from your campaign managing software.

5. Offer a Discount

What better thing to lure potential customers that offering them incentives and discounts? Based on popular research it has been shown that Leads are more likely to signup if they are given a coupon or some kind of incentives and discounts. Moreover, 71% of people are likely to even buy from you if you offer them discounts and coupons for signing up.

6. Use Call to Actions for Effective Lead Generation

Using a call to actions is a proven technique in the Marketing industry that surely improves the Lead Generation of your website. It is how you direct the users to the next step that determines whether they’ll go till the last step or not.

7. Using Gated Content can have a Great Effect

If you know that your content is effective and crowd-reaching then use Gated Content to lure the users and potential subscribers into subscribing and signing up. Gated Content, in other words, means restricted content which means you restrict the access to the content until the user is signed up. This technique is widely used in Educational Websites, Cheat Sheets and popular blogs. This one is guaranteed to increase your leads, just that you need to ensure that your content is good.

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8. Diversify your Campaigns for Returning Visitors

There are some people who would be coming to your website time after time before they give in to your lead magnet and if they see the same content, again and again, that’ll be big a big turnoff for your website. You should roll in fresh new content for every time a person visits your website again and you can ensure this by using Cookie detection. Many companies have reported a number of users using this technique.

9. Use Bots for Live Chat

Engage your visitors by using Bots for a live chat with those who visit your website. Your leads will be able to decide better and you’ll be able to convince them better if you use bots. The fact of the matter is that Live Chats indeed increase the amount of engagement by 35% when the websites have live chats.

10. Mobile Conversion is a must

Although it is not a thing to be said these days, Mobile version of your website is a must. With increasing Mobile Internet users that have surpassed those on PC’s, mobile platform should be of top priority for you. Leads will back away one time or the other if you don’t have a mobile platform for your website. Google Research shows a 35% increase in mobile searches for product reviews and an 80% increase in searches for the “best” products, clearly indicating at a rise in the trend of Mobile E-commerce.

These were just some of the techniques that you can use for Lead Generation purpose, of course, there are many more to be found but according to us, this lot is the most effective of them all.

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