What will be the future: Electric Cars or Conventional Cars ?

What will be the future: Electric Cars or Conventional Cars ?

Electric Cars nowadays is a new trend. This trend is going faster day by day, and almost 50 % of cars will be electric in 2030. But the most important point to think on is how much it will cost you to run your electric cars?


Is it less or more than petrol or diesel cars? There are lots of more questions regarding electric cars price justifications over its cheaper running costs. All the automobiles companies are focusing on E Vehicles to launch soon because it is beneficial for the environment.

Comparison of Electric or Petrol or Diesel

The running cost of electric cars is less than conventional cars simply because petrol or diesel is costly than electric. This still may not fix which electricity you are using for your purpose, like if you will use a public charger the cost will be higher in comparison to the cost you will have at your home. 

The major point that affects the charging capacity is the style you choose while driving. The battery life will totally depend on the limit of the speed you drive at. If you are a fast driver, you will end up draining your battery badly in comparison with driving at limited speed.  

Maintenance Requirements

There are very few moving parts in electric cars so it doesn’t require regular replacement of components. The government encouraged electric vehicles because they cost 70% less than conventional cars along with their property of less pollution and damage to the ecosystem.

Even servicing your electric cars is also cheaper i.e. 23% lesser to service your diesel or petrol cars. Overall maintenance and servicing cost is lesser in the case of electric cars in comparison with other conventional cars. Some of the small electric cars are cheaper than comparable size conventional cars.

Electric car charging

Points to consider while planning to Buy Electric Car

  1. It easily compensates the high cost of the electric cost with the lesser running and maintenance costs on your electric car. 
  2. The UK Government encouraged EV, so you can get good deals on electric cars as per government rules.  
  3. You may get 35% discounts and more, the best thing about this benefit is you don’t need to do anything and the dealer will automatically reduce the discounted price at the time of purchase.
  4. At some of the places, you can easily get a free loan for the purchase of electric cars and you can repay the loan over a period of 6 years. 
  5. The public charging stations require high electricity to charge your electric cars rather than traditional chargers and this will cost more on charging than normal running cost.


Electric Cars will be the future because of its huge benefits. Already mentioned, till 2030 almost 50% vehicles will be Electric. So, to know more in detail about the operation and running cost that will be needed for smooth running of cars has been discussed above. 

We cannot ignore the benefits as Electric cars are boon to the automobile industry and also to the environment. So, the use will be very high within a few years.