Used Acura RLX is worth buying

Used Acura RLX is worth buying

The Acura RLX is an excellent luxury vehicle that excels at many aspects of luxury vehicles, but it isn’t unique enough to justify its high price. What should you know before purchasing a used Acura RLX? You can read everything from this article, so don’t worry.

The Acura RLX is still one of the greatest used Acura cars available for sale, even though it was never particularly well-liked. U.S. News presently gives the 2017 model a favorable overall rating. A lightly used RLX Acura is a fantastic option if you’re seeking an entry-level luxury sedan.


The 3.5L V6 in the standard versions has 310 horsepower, an automated gearbox, and a front-wheel-drive. There was four-wheel steering available. Many owners prefer the Sport Hybrid model due to its usage of a hybrid powertrain that boosts output to 377 horsepower, lowers fuel consumption, and does away with four-wheel steering. It also has what is known as Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive.

Likings Of Owners

The best levels of comfort, peacefulness, fuel efficiency and elegance are frequently praised by owners of RLXs. Many claims that the automobile appears classy yet subtle and is less noticeable than more flashy competitors. When the RLX was first released, its pricing and feature content was enticing, and it appears that this popularity has continued into the used car market as well. According to several reviews, driving this vehicle is simple, pleasant, and incredibly soothing.

Dislikings Of Owners

Some owners would want the technology and menu systems to operate more simply and quickly, while others would like the RLX’s styling or driving experience to have a little more flair, especially in front-drive variants.

A popular criticism is that the RLX rides harsher than expected on city streets, however, this is only true of early front-drive models of the RLX. To assist alleviate ride quality difficulties on 2014 and 2015 models, stay away from vehicles with upsized wheels and pay close attention to tire pressure and condition.

Our Personal Choice

The majority of owners report minimal problems that can’t be quickly fixed with a dealer software update, despite the fact that certain early vehicles from this generation may experience a bumpy ride and poor batteries. The RLX Sport Hybrid or a front-drive model from 2016 or later is most likely your safest option, according to our analysis and multiple reports from the owner’s group. Visit our website and search for “Acura RL sport hybrid near me” running for sale to receive the greatest discounts and financing offers for your purchase.

2020 Used Acura RLX: Decent Pick

Although the 2020 RLX is a competent used luxury big car, it lacks the competition in a few crucial areas. Despite having a tonne of standard equipment, this Acura does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone connection. Additionally, using its infotainment system might be challenging. The RLX offers decent horsepower and fuel efficiency figures, but several rivals have larger trunks and better interior materials.

2019 Used Acura RLX: Just Ok

The 2019 RLX is an OK pick for a used car. Excellent safety ratings, a long list of standard driver aid systems, quick acceleration, and outstanding gas efficiency are just a few of its many highlights. However, this Acura has poor luggage room and fiddly infotainment controls.

2018 Used Acura RLX: Not A Bad Pick

The 2018 Acura RLX is a respectable premium big vehicle, but most of its competitors are superior to it. A few advantages of the 2018 RLX include select ownership expenses that are below average, high fuel efficiency, and several mandatory safety features. Additionally, it has significant flaws like fewer contemporary technology features than rivals, bulky infotainment system and mediocre cabin supplies.

2017 Used Acura RLX: Not A Great Choice

If you’re looking for a used premium big sedan, the 2017 Acura RLX is not a wise choice. Its advantages include a broad number of basic safety equipment, strong safety ratings, comfortable cabin, and exceptional fuel efficiency. However, a number of disadvantages outweigh these advantages. Driving dynamics for the RLX fall short of the brand’s performance reputation. The style and materials used within the sedan’s cabin fall short of those found in competitors’ interiors, and the dual-screen infotainment system is difficult to operate.

2016 Used Acura RLX: Quite Good

The 2016 Acura RLX is a spacious luxury automobile with a comfortable interior outfitted with supportive seats and a plethora of standard tech amenities. It also has a stellar safety rating. However, its lacklustre ride quality and handling restrict its appeal. Although it’s a good used automobile, do your research before buying.

2015 Used Acura RLX: Good Pick

The 2015 Acura RLX is a respectable large luxury vehicle. It has excellent safety ratings, class-average ownership costs, and fuel efficiency predictions that are above average. It also features some substandard inside materials and an entertainment system that is difficult to operate, as well as a rougher ride than you might anticipate from a luxury vehicle.

2014 Used Acura RLX: Not Good

The RLX has a tonne of features, but we can’t suggest it as your next used car. It has a very poor dependability rating, and for the money, competitors provide greater performance and more nifty features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Acura RLX A Good Used Car?

Despite being discontinued, Consumer Reports still thinks highly of the Acura RLX. The Used RLX was ranked first among the most dependable discontinued models by the website’s editors.

Is The Acura RLX A Reliable Car?

RLX is a tremendously reliable and comfortable car. It has great mileage, fine handling, and is swift. Additionally, it has Honda’s dependability and the added safety features that are quite top-notch. So, if you want to buy a used RLX for sale right now, use our website

Why Was The Acura RLX Discontinued?

It is because the cars were not selling well. In contrast to the RLX, which is ignored by consumers, Acura said that it needed to reorient its attention on automobiles that really sell. According to Car and Driver, less than 200 RLX vehicles were sold in the US during the first quarter of 2020. To a used Acura RLX near you, go to our website and choose one from the listings to get one at an affordable price.

When Did Acura Stop Making The RLX?

Honda’s mid-size luxury vehicle, the Acura RLX, which replaced the RL and was introduced in 2013, is offered under the Acura brand. In 2020, the RLX was discontinued.

Which Is Better Acura RLX Or TLX?

When it comes to engine power and technology features the RLX is definitely better but if you are looking for a more pocket-friendly option, then a TLX is more affordable. Visit our website to get good used car dealers for sale near you right now.

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