Upcoming Technologies in 2020 | Future of Automobile

Upcoming Technologies in 2020 | Future of Automobile

The way technology has grabbed our attention and makes us fall in love head over heels. The perfect example of technology is your cell phone from which you can do anything the same goes with the cars, the technology has absorbed them and made him do the work more than drive and parking of the vehicle.

The technology has made the driver’s life easy also upgraded the features which ensure maximum safety and lessens the chances of uncertainties.

Here, look at some of the best technologies which will make your life easier in the long haul.

Self-driving vehicles

So far this is one of the best inventions in the automobile industry with the driver assistance features it has made feasible driving and hassle-free life. There is also another autonomous car technology which entirely eliminates the use of the driver and or you can say a driverless car. It works according to the environment and without any instructions from humans. The driver assistance technology has some features such as

  • Automatic-braking sensors
  • Rear-view cameras
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Parking capabilities

No keys involved

If you’re the person who forgets carrying a key and sometimes loses them which creates hassle in your life. Earlier we have the keyless entry and start the vehicle but then again you require keys. Now, you just have to carry yourself and unlock your cars with the fingerprints or the best part in this your eyes can be a part to unlock the car. Sounds cool? Yes, absolutely now you don’t have to feel the trouble of getting keys with yourself.

Car-as-as-service (CaaS)

This service will break all the stereotypes and emerging as a new driving force for transportation purposes. This will act as an extension of the ride-sharing function in which you can demand the car by using the application.

For this, you have to wait a little longer as it will appear in 2025 and will be the best technology and will increase the consumption of driverless cars.


Multipurpose windshield

The inclusion of Japan’s Sekisui chemical will laminate the windshields create a film that will have light-reactive material. It will display the navigation speed of the vehicle and other related things on the windshield. The laser projector will activate the material present and combines with the driver-assistance system which will also provide the information of people nearby or any uncertainties in the road.

Benefits of Wireless Charging

No trouble in getting your EV charged now, the emergence of new and advanced technology helps the driver to take the benefits from wireless charging. The induction present uses a magnetic field in order to transfer energy from the charging pad to the car which is the same as plugging the charger.

Benefits of Wireless Charging

Intellectual Dashboards

Till 2020 about 70% of the cars have intelligent dashboards which will look after you in terms of safety, navigation, vision from the windshield about everything. In other words, drivers have only responsibility is to look on the road and drive properly.

Anticipated vehicle technology

They come in the form of sensors that provide the information to the owner in terms of vehicle service, condition of the vehicle, mileage of the car. This will provide the information in terms of its performance and also informs if anything is not working in the car.

Anticipated vehicle technology

Overrule Driver

This technology is the same as autonomous technology but in this, it takes own decisions by overruling the driver. It applies the brakes when required no matter when the driver has the gas pedal floored. The faster movement of the sensor will do the things which are prior in order to save the drivers and eliminates the uncertainties in the future.

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