Top Five Luxury Cars of 2020-Features and Specifications That Might Interest you

Top Five Luxury Cars of 2020-Features and Specifications That Might Interest you

Luxury cars are in trend these days for their extreme comfort, excellent quality and performance, up-to-date modern technology as compared to regular cars. We present to you the list of top five luxury cars of 2020 with some of their features and specifications so that you know which luxury car is the one for you!

Mercedes-Benz S-Class – $130,150-$138,600


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Mercedes-Benz launched the S-class facelift on 26th Feb,2018.It is available in two variants: the S 350 d and the S 400.This luxury car comes with updated features with quite a few revisions to its exterior(mainly tail lights and head lights) not forgetting its inviting interior. Its comfort level can be reckoned by highlights: Rear seat comfort package, Thermotronic automatic climate control in the rear and Burmester surround sound system. The safety features of this S class will make your drive even more comfortable and relaxant as it gives extra attention to its active Brake Assist and Blind Spot Assist. It comes with a high fuel-economy of 38 mpg combined.

Engine 2.9 L 6-cylinder diesel, 3.0 L V6, 4.0 L V8
Horsepower 210 to 450
cylinders 6,8
seating capacity 4,5
transmission 4-speed automatic

Tesla Model S- $99,990


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The Tesla Model S is 5-door-all-electric liftback sedan launched on 22nd June,2012. This electric car is as revolutionary as any in history of Tesla with an unashamedly opulence agenda, a high-tech cabin with massive cargo space and zero-emissions which will make it environment-friendly. Its coruscating acceleration, comfortable and exceptional interior design with an effortlessly smooth ride is a true game changer in the electric car market which makes this car almost irresistible and a must have if you are looking for luxury, safety along with its compatibility with environment .

Engine Front and rear motor combined output up to 825 bhp (615 kW), 960 lb⋅ft (1,300 N⋅m), 3-phase AC induction motor
curb weight 4,323–4,960 lb
battery 100 kWh lithium ion 60, 70, 75, 85, 90 kWh discontinued
seating capacity 5
Transmission 1-speed fixed gear (9.734:1 or 9.325:1)

Audi A8 – $85,200


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It made its global debut in 2017 and is a 4th generation model of Audi’s flagship sedan.It appears as if its interior was designed to outlast the civilization itself. It is also considered as one of the safest cars with reassuring safety features which include: 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes with brake assist, LED headlights, auto-high beams, front and rear parking sensors, forward collision and lane departure warning and ten airbags. It comes with a fuel-economy of 28 mpg.

Engine 3.0 L V6
Horsepower 250
curb weight 4475.4 lb
seating capacity 5
transmission  8-speed automatic

Range Rover – $90,900


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This fourth generation Range Rover is a full-sized British luxury SUV by Land Rover. This luxury automobile is known for its suitability for off-road endeavours. The strong looking exterior design, strong poise and graceful lines of this SUV makes the wait for over a decade worthwhile. It is comparatively light weight and the interior has been impressively made with a lot more room which means more cargo space and more leg room. Its frame and most of the body parts has been made from aluminium making it a one of a kind SUV to be produced in aluminium.

Engine 3.0L V-6 diesel, 4.4L V-8 diesel, 3.0L V-6 petrol and 5.0L V-8 petrol
horsepower 254
curb weight 4762-5203 lb
seating capacity 5
transmission 8-speed ZF automatic

Jaguar XJ – $76,000


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This jaguar XJ is the epitome of opulent luxury with the excellent combination of cutting-edge technology. Its sleek design makes it different from every other luxury car and worth your money. Its interior features include handcrafted comfortable and cushiony seats, quad-zone automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control, a surround view camera and a rear seat entertainment system.  It comes with a fuel economy of 21mpg.

engine V-6 Turbocharged Diesel engine
horsepower 340
curb weight 3960lb
seating capacity 5
transmission 8 speed automatic