The Best Labor Day Car Deals for 2020: Everything You need to Know to Take Advantage

The Best Labor Day Car Deals for 2020: Everything You need to Know to Take Advantage

Planning for a new car? What a coincidence, there is a sale waiting for you to grab the best deals. Yes, this weekend ends with the best deal opportunity for you on the occasion of Labor Day. As the end of the month of August, the summer comes to a close. 


With the beginning of September, in Honor of Labor Day most of the dealers offer good discounts for the customers in provision to announce the end of the season sale. 


If you are planning to buy a new car, don’t miss this opportunity. Below, we give the Best Labor Day Deals 2020. Scroll down to read the full detail and do fast because the sale is already happening.

When is the Labor Day?

 Labor Day occurs on September 7 in the year 2020 and the dealers are already offering best discounted deals on new or used cars from September 4, that is the end of the weekend.

What is the time Labor Dale sales begin?

Well, the Labor Day Deals start running and already begin one week before Labor Day. But this sale will end with the end of Labor day i.e on September 7. Before it, you have 100% opportunity to avail the benefits from some of the best Labor Day Sales.

Watch the Discounts and Save Money on Labor Day Sale:

1. 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe:

Hyundai is proposing clients with reducing credit six years of no-interest investment and no initial payment due for 90 days from your buying date. 

The sufficient, competent, and feature-packed 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe is a valid deal even without any exclusive offers. In the month of September, however, there’s an excellent opportunity open that advances it as a forcing alternative.

  • Finance Deals: 0% financing for 72 months and 90 days until the first payment is due.

2. 2020 Honda CR V:

Honda CR V ranks top in the list of compact SUVs. There is a wonderful lease deal with no special offer but huge discounts on fees and taxes. The Labor Day Deals are generally known as zero-down lease deals. Mostly the cost for the monthly payments are higher than the normal.

  • Lease Deals: $310 per month for 36 months
  • Finance Deals:  1.9% financing for 60 months

3. 2020 Kia Sorento:

If your goal is to purchase a mid-size three-row SUV, Kia Sorento is the top rank in your wish list. As the Labor Day offers excellent deals on the Kia Sorento, if Kia is not in your shopping list you will face a huge loss. Because this matches your preference and also affordability.

  • Lease Deals: $249 per month for 36 month
  • Finance Deals: 0% financing along with the cashback offers up-to $3,00
  • Cashback Deals: Opportunity to gain more than $6,000 on Kia Sorento cashback deals. You can have $6,000 discounts on the deals on the occasion of Labor Day.

4. 2020 Acura TLX:

Labor Day offers $10 off each month’s payment on Acura TLX brand. And Labor Day is an excellent period to have the best affordable deal for yourself on the 2020 Acura TLX. The actual deal has monthly payment ranging from $299 and $2,999. The Acura TLX lies below half of but still offers standard features and safety measures and maintains its position in the ranking list.

  • Lease Deals: $299 per month for 36 month
  • Finance Deals: 0.9% financing for more than 70 months

5. 2020 Volkswagen GTI:

It is quite rare to get an offer on Volkswagen but on the special offers of Labor Day, you will get 0% financing for more than 72 months on the deal. It included new features such as automatic emergency braking system along with various other safety measures.

  • Best Lease Deals : $329 per month for 36 months with $2,999.
  • Finance Deals: 0% financing opportunity

6. 2020 Nissan Rogue:

They are offering a deal with payments as low as $189 per month with $3,489 due at signing. The special lease deal has a limit of 36,000 miles.  Automakers generally don’t offer any lease deal on such models. The model Nissan Rogue redesigned with added safety features such as automatic braking and lane-keeping assistance. 

  • Lease Deals: $209 per month for 36 months
  • Finance Deals: 0% financing for almost 60 months 
  • Cash Back Deals: $3,000 cashback and also up to $1,500 bonus cash.


Every holiday comes with special discounts and deals on cars. Check this out to know the Best Labor Deals in terms of Lease Deals, Finance Deals or may be Cashback deals on different cars. This is the best time to take a chance to get your profitable deals at a very less price. Above mentioned deals are the top best deals for the labor day. Make your weekend happy by availing one of the excellent deals.