Restoration of the First-gen Acura NSX under consideration

Restoration of the First-gen Acura NSX under consideration

After 10 long years, there is good news knocking on the door of the First-gen Acura NSX owners and also its enthusiasts. People back in the 1990s are very well aware that whether under Honda or Acura, This is a supercar of its time.  This mid-engine sports car was developed with the help of an F1 legend and was loved and appreciated the most. The company is considering a restoration program for its U.S based owners.


There was a similar restoration that began in 2010 of the First-gen Acura NSX in Japan, and the owners are enjoying the benefit ever since. Earlier, only the owners living there could get their cars restored, and for U.S based customers, it was a task to get it done. Through the success of this restoration program, every customer could get access to their favorite driving experience.


In a Zoom Meeting for the 2020 Acura NSXPO, John Watts, the senior manager of Acura, revealed that the company is getting serious about considering a restoration, especially for U.S owners similar to that in Japan.  He even said that up to 9000 first-gen NSX got sold in the U.S, and many of them are still in working condition. However, a discussion over this idea is still going on, and the program is not going to be financially cheap.


For anybody who is not familiar with the Restoration of automobiles, it is the mechanical repair, removing, or replacing parts of the cars which keep the car in its original condition so that it remains beautiful and efficient throughout its journey. However, getting the car restored from has several benefits mentioned below:-


  1. You can customize it according to your needs, which enables you to style your vehicle.
  2. You can get the restore done according to your wish, for example, full restore or half restore.
  3. The process will take place, keeping in mind your budget.
  4. You get a better resale value.


Ultimately it is a value for money. Restoration is a valuable process, and getting access to it will help your car perform better, and you can enjoy all the benefits.

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