RAM to launch 1500 Electric Pick-up Truck by 2024

RAM to launch 1500 Electric Pick-up Truck by 2024

After Ford and Chevy, RAM is the next to build electric pick-up trucks by 2024. The rivalry has gone strong in the full-size pickup truck segment. RAM announced the launch on EV Day with the association of parent-company Stellanti’s.

The body-on-frame model running on the electric vehicle platform tends to deliver 500 miles of range. The heavy-duty vehicles and cargo van will run on the electric architecture by 2030. 

Automakers have revealed some specifics of the 1500 model are going subtle and sleek. This pick-up truck varies in size and premium features that would leave people stunned with its beauty and immense power. Ford F-150 electric pick-up truck offers 300 miles of range with 10000 pounds of towing capacity.

Chevy Silverado’s production takes place on GM’s platform delivering an extensive range of 400 miles and goes on sale in 2023. RAM hasn’t specified the towing number but it is said electric pick-up truck delivers 500 miles of range. 

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The competitors of the RAM will set foot first in the market that provides leverage to improve and add features that Ford, GMC, & Chevy lack. The launch of the 2024 pick-up truck will be spell-bounded with the emergence of the fastest and impressive features coming for sale at Briggs Ram Dodge Fiat.