Explore the Best New and Used SUVs in 2020

Explore the Best New and Used SUVs in 2020

SUVs define more versatility which is perfect for both adventurers and large families. They offer more cargo space and can land anywhere possible which makes them so popular among users. They come with numerous options to choose from such as all-wheel-drive, optional third-row, updated infotainment system, etc. With their maximum popularity and different types, the count of SUVs for sale today has been increased.

To simplify the car shopping we have curated the list of most reliable SUVs and their body types to choose from.

Best SUVs

Looking for the best SUV? We have listed the best family SUV cars, Here are the 5 Best SUVs based on our rankings.


  1.       Nissan Rogue
  2.       Chevrolet Equinox
  3.       Ford Escape
  4.       Honda CR-V
  5.       Toyota RAV4

Best Crossover SUVs

Crossover has been popular among users with an excellent driving range, healthy fuel economy and cargo capacity. Explore the range of best crossover SUVs in the segment. 


  1.       Nissan Rogue
  2.       Chevrolet Equinox
  3.       Ford Escape
  4.       Ford Explorer
  5.       Honda CR-V
  6.       Toyota RAV4
  7.       Jeep Cherokee
  8.       Dodge Journey
  9.       Nissan Pathfinder
  10.   Ford Edge

Best Midsize SUVs

Mid-size SUVs offer comfort with high technology and performance. Check our range of best used midsize SUV under 10000.


  1.       Chevrolet Equinox
  2.       Ford Explorer
  3.       Jeep Grand Cherokee
  4.       Dodge Journey
  5.       Nissan Pathfinder
  6.       Ford Edge
  7.       GMC Acadia
  8.       KIA Sorento
  9.       Lexus RX-350
  10.   Infiniti QX60

Full-size SUV

 Full-size SUVs offer more functionality with maximum efficiency and lower prices. Take a look at our list of large SUVs.

  1.       Ford Expedition
  2.       Chevrolet Traverse
  3.       KIA Telluride
  4.       Chevrolet Tahoe
  5.       Chevrolet Suburban
  6.       Hyundai Palisade
  7.       Lincoln Navigator
  8.       Mercedes-Benz GLS
  9.       Buick Enclave
  10.   Cadillac Escalade

Compact SUV

Compact cars have alluring interiors, more cargo space with more practicality. Explore the list of most reliable used compact SUV to buy.

  1.       Honda CR-V
  2.       Toyota RAV4
  3.       Mazda CX-5
  4.       Subaru Forester
  5.       Chevrolet Equinox
  6.       GMC Terrain
  7.       KIA Sportage
  8.       Volkswagen Tiguan
  9.       Ford Escape
  10.   Nissan Rogue

Mini SUV

Small SUV delivers the space, more comfort and is fun to drive. Narrow your search for the best small SUV under 10000


  1.       KIA Soul
  2.       Hyundai Kona
  3.       Buick Encore
  4.       MINI Cooper Countryman
  5.       Nissan Kicks
  6.       Subaru Crosstrek
  7.       Mazda CX-3
  8.       Honda HR-V
  9.       Jeep Renegade
  10.   Nissan Rogue Sport

Extended-length SUV

These SUV’s come with the massive cargo capabilities with bold styling and offer the maximum off-road capability. Tow heavy with these extended length SUV’s.


  1.       Ford Expedition
  2.       Cadillac Escalade ESV
  3.       Lincoln Navigator L
  4.       GMC Denali
  5.       GMC Yukon XL

Most Reliable Used SUV

Used cars add more value also saves you from depreciation incurred with maximum reliability. Here are the most reliable used cars under 5000. 


  1.       Chevrolet Suburban
  2.       Chevrolet Tahoe
  3.       Lexus RX 350
  4.       Cadillac Escalade
  5.       Buick Enclave
  6.       Hyundai Tucson
  7.       GMC Yukon
  8.       BMW X3
  9.       GMC Terrain
  10.   Porsche Cayenne

Best Used SUV Under 10000

With the increasing demand for SUV investing in new can go out of budget. Don’t worry we got you covered with the best used SUV under 10000


  1.       Honda CR-V
  2.       Acura RDX
  3.       Toyota RAV4
  4.       Subaru Forester
  5.       Hyundai Tucson
  6.       Mazda CX-5
  7.       GMC Yukon
  8.       Nissan Rogue
  9.       Ford Escape
  10.   Mitsubishi Outlander

Best Used SUV Under 25000

SUV’s have replaced the sedans with their excellent cargo versatility with all-wheel-drive and more reliability. We’ve handpicked the most reliable used SUV under 25000


  1.       Lexus RX 350
  2.       Honda CR-V
  3.       Chevrolet Tahoe
  4.       BMW X3
  5.       Toyota Highlander
  6.       Acura RDX
  7.       Buick Enclave
  8.       GMC Yukon
  9.       Nissan Murano

10.   Toyota RAV4

Most Reliable Used SUV Under 5000

Share the love for Suv but you’re on a tight budget. We’ve found the best SUV under 5000.

  1.       Subaru Forester
  2.       Mitsubishi Montero
  3.       Nissan Pathfinder
  4.       Jeep Cherokee
  5.       Jeep Wrangler
  6.       Ford Explorer
  7.       Acura MDX
  8.       Lexus RX
  9.       Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban
  10.   Toyota Highlander

Best Rated Used SUV

Why SUVs are gaining so much popularity? This question is rolling in the minds of every individual in the USA. They offer more cargo and passenger space with a handsome fuel economy. Here are our best rated used SUVs.

  1.       Toyota Venza
  2.       Honda CR-V
  3.       Toyota 4Runner
  4.       Mazda CX-5
  5.       Toyota Highlander
  6.       Acura RDX
  7.       Toyota RAV4
  8.       Lexus RX
  9.       Toyota Sequoia
  10.   Honda Pilot