New and Advanced Automotive Technologies

New and Advanced Automotive Technologies

Nowadays, people are more drawn towards using the latest technology and examining the same in order to have the best and effective results. There are a few things which people look at the time of buying the car which is associated with the car.

  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto

These are the two standard features that are mostly available in the car and the best part is it comes with the big screen and you can attach it with your smartphone and are way easy to use.

You have the simple access towards the music, maps, and all your phone’s built-in-voice features which means lesser complications involved in order to use the system. There are slight chances Apple and Android Auto features do not support in every trim.

Apple Car Play and Android Auto
  • Lane Departure Warning

When we drive we face a lot of distractions at that point in time such as changing the songs, talking with your pals which tend to divert your attention and lead to less focus on the road.

Lane departure warning system tends to use the camera in order to provide the information about if a car has drifted across the marked lane line by providing a visual and audible notification that determines that you’ve moved out of your lane or lessens the chances of accidents.

Lane Departure Warning
  • 360-Degree Camera

360 Degree camera the word itself determines the meaning and makes your life easy by having the cameras at every corner of the vehicle. This simplifies your life as you can have a clear picture of the surroundings no matter where you are. These systems nowadays are available in every car you buy and are less expensive and more valuable at the time of parallel parking.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

It comes with many sensors that are inbuilt in the car and adaptive cruise control goes matches with the speed of the car in front of you which means it is not required to hit the gas regularly and brake in the traffic of the highway.

There are systems that make the car stop completely and then start automatically. It leads to the situation of uneasy handling of the car but once you use it there is no going back.

  • Teen Driver Technology

The way we feel when someone getting on our nerves that’s what feels when we provide the keys to our children. All thanks to the new technology it has lessened the burden from our head as it provides you the information in terms of seatbelts are not ties, over-speeding, etc. These driver limitations make life easy for the parents.

Teen Driver Technology
  • Tracking down a stolen vehicle

The ratio of the stolen vehicle has been increased in 2019 but the chances of recovering them are quite less which means a hole in the individual’s hard-earned income. With the emergence of technology and innovation, now vehicles are coming with vehicle assistance and security system. These features provide the notification in terms of crashing the vehicle which helps in rescuing the car and for the same laws are enforced in order to determine the location.

Tracking down a stolen vehicle
  • Rear Traffic Cross Alert

At the time of parking the vehicle in the parking lots, the speed remains slow and difficulty arises when you are backing out of a parking spot. Rear-view cameras are useful at that particular moment, the in-built sensors in the system provide you the alerts when a vehicle is coming, pedestrians, even about shopping carts too.

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