A Collection of the most underrated Free Google AdWords tools

A Collection of the most underrated Free Google AdWords tools

More often than not, it is quite difficult as well as tricky to deal with paid Keywords research and listings of Google, you are always looking for the maximum utilization of what you paid and that needs a wide range of skillsets that only come after years and years of experience using the services extensively and let’s face it, being good at all of it is really tiring. To ease this, we’ve got a list of the best tools to pair up with AdWords and do some amazing work with the keywords.

1. AdWords Performance Grader

If you listen to various SEO experts, AdWords performance grader tool by WordStream is said to be one of the best tools to analyze the performance of your website for free. In less than a minute, this site analyzes whole of your website and highlights the areas where your website is performing strong and where it lacks. This website even lets you compare to other competitors in your industry and suggests what all you can do to improve the performance of your website. This is more of an all-in-one tool in itself.

2. Soovle

If you like Google Suggests tool for doing your Keyword research, then this tool is specifically for you, just consider this tool to be Google Suggests that is on performance enhancement drugs. All you need to do is enter one of your main terms in the search box and this super tool will provide you with suggestions from a wide variety of keyword suggestions from different websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Wikipedia, and other such websites.

It is always fascinating to see how suggestions can vary from website to website, this tool gives you a wide view of the situation and suggests you keywords according to the particular website users you want to target so that you can smartly use your content more effectively while making minor changes according to the keywords.

3. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is one of the best free tools on the market for carrying out your keyword research without actually knowing the various terms and technicalities of the same. All you need to do is provide the tool with your primary words and the region plus the language that you are targeting and in a minute you’ll be bombarded with thousands of keyword suggestion to use in your websites. Moreover, you can even get the Google Search data as well as the Google Trends data on the suggested keywords in real time so that you can sort through the keywords you want to use.

UberSuggests is the best when you don’t know the language and the region you are targeting because it provides the most accurate results keeping even vouching for the different dialects of different languages all around numerous regions of this world. It is a must-have tool if you want your company and website to be truly international.

4. A/B Test Significance Calculator

What’s the best way to know which one of your two shortlisted plans and strategies work the best and which one is the most significant in your target market? It easy splitting and testing both of your variations. While the paid tools do it perpetually and automatically, if you need to stay in the competition, you need to do it yourself. But what if math isn’t your strongest suit? Well, we have the A/B test significance calculator for this purpose only. It calculates the significance of your strategy by taking in the Number of visitors and number of conversions. This tool can prove to be a lifesaver when you need to do in-depth research to beat your competition.

While there are many other tools that you can use to enhance your website performance in the AdWords side of it, the best thing to do is start with 2-3 tools and wait until you have got familiar with them. Once familiar, add more and repeat the same process. You can use as many tools as you want but the thing that will benefit you the most will be familiarity and efficiency. Keep efficiency over numbers always.