Mazda heritage parts program adds Iconic RX-7

Mazda heritage parts program adds Iconic RX-7

Mazda has added two different cars to the heritage parts program. The program has recently added first-generation  MX-5 Miata and second, third-generation Mazda RX-7. The people who love Mazda sports cars have been demanding these too for quite a long time.

The program has first begun in Japan that includes 91 parts, 30 in the second generation FC 3S and 61 in third-generation FD 3S. The list includes basic items like bolts, washers, vacuum hoses, seals, bushings, rubber parts as these items get wear and tear and are not easily available as aftermarket accessories.

Mazda parts have a catalog of 1,100 parts and also there is more space for the RX-7 program to grow. The program will be full restoration as it is expanding and going to be fit in the MX-5 or in other programs announced by Nissan last week for Skyline GT-R.

Mazda is offering Miata parts for sale in the United States. The 24,000 RX-7s are registered in Japan and sales of the premium sports cars Miata. Mazda RX-7 was the flagship of the brand before it discontinued in 1995. Mazda’s rotary engine has made its way in the sports car world with light handling and extreme commitment.

Mazda has expanded the heritage parts program to include the iconic RX-7 as requested by the people.

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