Jeep’s first EV Wrangler Magento Concept Coming to the US

Jeep’s first EV Wrangler Magento Concept Coming to the US

Jeep is officially going to launch the battery-powered SUV in the spring. Jeep has confirmed the Wrangler EV Magento concept version. The teaser entices the world with its power, LED light bar behind the grille. The Safari Event being known for creating unique and cool concepts for producing powerful off-road variants.

The concept will be announced in the event commencing from March 27 to April 4 known as Magneto. The concept is shown in black lettering with electric blue sketching on the Jeep design. The concept of the upcoming first-ever pure electric Wrangler off-roading is purely impressive.

Wrangler EV  features a single electric motor and a dual-motor setup with AWD. It has four different batteries, on-body frame set-up same as in Wrangler and Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid model. Jeep has not yet invested in providing the charging solutions with solar-powered chargers in the vehicles and at off-road locations to incorporate off-roading adventurous.

Wrangler EV comes with the front blue tow hooks, ambient lighting set-up, performance parts, brush bar, extra lights, and wheels with half doors. The concept has an orange plaid design that has classic retro interior themes.

Jeep hasn’t revealed much information about the production but the Magento is yet to be seen in the Easter Safari Concept.