Infiniti Unveils the QX60 Monograph, Next-Gen SUV

Infiniti Unveils the QX60 Monograph, Next-Gen SUV

QX60 SUV will look, best described as a prototype.


The upcoming luxury three-row SUV will be revealed and go into production sometime in 2021. Although the company didn’t provide any information about the interior quite yet, the Monograph is signaling that the 2021 car will take on a sleek design leaving us spellbound.


The design prototype has a crisp horizontal shoulder line, wide stance, large greenhouse, and muscular wheel arches, giving it a much cleaner appearance than the previous model, which is a good improvement compared to the 2020 QX60. The grille of the concept maintains the trapezoidal shape seen over the setup and receives chrome styling making it look more articulated. Like other luxury vehicles available, the grille likewise gets somewhat greater. 


The car has a raised visual center of gravity that gives it a strong, straight shoulder line that carries through to the hood, with a higher, more prominent grille, and longer-looking cabin to deliver a sense of muscularity and a commanding presence. The lights also have some changes and a transformation of the nameplate.


It’s a much cleaner design that looks exceptionally premium, while likewise keeping up the brand’s plan signals like wing-formed lighting and Infiniti content. The complete reveal with specifications of the luxury car is going to be worth the wait after watching the stunning monograph.