Chevrolet and GMC to stop Gasoline-powered pickup trucks

Chevrolet and GMC to stop Gasoline-powered pickup trucks

GM when changed the logo to deliver the message of adapting and producing electric vehicles. In the coming years, they will fully move forward with electric cars. Zero emissions sound interesting but how much time it will be going to take looks like a lifetime.

General Motors have taken the initiative to eliminate the tailpipe emissions from their light-duty vehicles by 2035. They are more focused on creating a better and healthier environment also contributing to new climate plans. 

The light-duty pick-up trucks with gasoline and diesel-powered engines are Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Colorado, GMC Sierra 1500, and GMC Canyon. The pick-up trucks have an extended lease and the evolution of electric vehicles beyond 2035.

The EV revolution will enhance the driving experience and cover the cost at every point. The gasoline-powered vehicles won’t go beyond the 2035 and with user-friendly features. GM is putting all the resources and investing in internal combustion engines.

GM is spending $27billion on electric vehicles and the development of autonomous technology in the coming years. They have made clear the plans for the future with the introduction of Hummer EV and Chevy Electric pick-up too.

The Biden Administration has encouraged the use of more EVs over conventional vehicles that have affected the industry. The auto industry is running and changing more rapidly than ever to make the world a better place.