Best Vintage Cars – USA

Best Vintage Cars – USA

There are some classic vintage cars which could change the whole look of your garage. It is always exciting for a car lover to get into the vintage classics. The vintage cars are usually known to be old automobiles. But along with being old they are even more precious and unique than the new technology in their own ways. The cars are pretty rare and if you’re looking forward to buy one or are fond of the vintage then definitely you should have a look on the top 10 Vintage cars we have made a list of for you:-

Ford Model A

The first car manufactured by Ford.

The original model Ford A is the first car produced by Ford, the production began in 1903. 1,750 cars were made during the one year period from 1903-4. The car came up with a two seater model while adding two more seats at the back was another option since it could be customised if wanted, yet just a little. It is a true vintage. The car is made out of a wooden frame. This Ford is an elegant beauty. With the glimpse of golden colour around the steering wheel and other parts, it’s contrasting with the red colour. While the headlights are far apart yet soothing to the eyes.

  • The designer of the car was Henry Ford
  • 2 seats roundabout
  • Entry from all the four sides.
  • Wheelbase of 72 in (1.8M)
  • It was sold from $800-900
  • Has a rubber roof or leather roof (as preferred)
  • The car weighed 1,240 lbs (562kg)
  • It could reach the top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h)

Buick Special

Preferred and used in famous movies

Buick Special is an automobile made by Buick. The model belongs to 1936. The year it was launched in was a very successful year for Buick. It was the first time of a name being used by the company rather than a series number. Not only that, the car was preferred so much that it was even used in movies like, Veda Pierce, Mildred’s daughter etc. The Special continued to be known as the 40 series. The first time the Special rode on was a 118 wheelbase. It has certain unique specifications which are as follows –

buick special
  • The vintage continued from 1936-1949
  • Series 40
  • Four door sedan
  • Engine with 233 cu (3.8 L) Tank, OHV18
  • 118-122 wheelbase
  • Compact sitting area

Chevy Corvette

The sugar scoop roof treatment

Chevorlet Corvette is a sports car that was first produced in 1967. In 1979 it set new records by producing 53,807 cars that year. The C3 is the third generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, and marks the second time the Corvette would carry the Stingray name. The engine and the chassis components were mostly carried over from the previous generation while the interior was new as the generation was changing along with the need of new features, the car was able to mould a bit. The corvette is sophisticated when it comes to looks.The C3 also adopted the “sugar scoop” roof treatment with vertical back window from the mid-engined concept models.

Chevy Corvette
  • Also called Chevorlet Corvette Stingray
  • 2 door convertible
  • 305 cu in (5.0 L) LG4V8
  • 2 door coupe

BMW 328

The vintage racer

The BMW 328 is a sports car produced by BMW, from 1936 to 1940. The Car is from the post world war two period. The 328 was introduced at the Eifelrennen race at the Nurburgring in 1936, where Ernst Henne drove it to win the 2.0-litre class. The 328 had more than 100 class wins in 1937, including the RAC Tourist Trophy, the OsterreichischeAlpenfahrt, and the La Turbie hillclimb. It is a two seater car and let you have a feel of an actual rider.

BMW 328
  • Aluminium body with steel leather frame.
  • Engine is of straight-6 OHV (light allot cylinder head).
  • Fuel capacity 50L
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Wheelbase (2400)

Audi 100 (C1)

The old school car of that time

The first Audi was developed by Volkswagen. It is a four door sedan. In South Africa, where the 100 was also assembled, the 100 was available as the L, LS, GL, and S Coupé. It’s still considered as an old school car with swag in fact. The Audi C1 looks retro and is retro. It has been used in so many movies that it has a long list. The youth back then was quite fond of the C1. In the present this vintage still has many fans.

Audi 100
  • 172 Horsepower
  • Engine 2.8L V8
  • 4 speed automatic, 5 Speed manual
  • Wheelbase of 105.6 in (2,682 mm)

Maserati A6

Rare yet modified

Maserati A6 were a series of grand tourers, racing sports cars and single seaters made by Maserati of Italy between 1947 and 1956. OnlyFifteen cars were made 1947-1953, of these being two-seaters. The headlamps were soon after the production changed into convertible headlamps. This car is yet a very unique and rare car. Even the windows were added later. The producers kept on making small or sometimes big changes in the car. The car then became perfect look-wise as well as internally.

  • Class Grand Tourer
  • Engine 1.5 L
  • Transmission 4 speed manual
  • Wheelbase 2550 mm

Maserati 450S

FIA’s endurance World Sports Championship Racing

The Maserati 450S is a racing car which was manufactured in the Maserati of Italy from 1956-58. It was used in FIA’s endurance World Sports Championship racing. The car is pretty rare since only 9 cars were produced back then.In the final race of the 1957 season the Venezuelan Sports Car Grand Prix it was destroyed before being later redriven by Fangio and Jean Behra, won the 12 Hours of Sebring. It was then crashed by Behra during practice for the Mille Miglia and didn’t start the race. Repaired, it was again crashed by Behra at the Le Mans 24 Hours before it won again in the hands of Behra and Moss in the Swedish Sports Car built. The car has a good fan following yet.

Maserati 450s
  • Body Type 2 doors
  • Body style 2 door convertible
  • FR Layout
  • Manufacturer Maserati

Ferrari 290 MM

The vintage for competing in 1956

The Ferrari 290 MM was a sports racing car produced by Ferrari in 1956. It was developed to compete in the 1956 edition of Mille Miglia, hence the acronym “MM”. Since it is such a special car because of achieving victory in several world famous races it is special in terms of looks too. Raced as an official Scuderia Ferrari works Carfor the 1956 and 1957 seasons. The car was piloted by an amazing collection of the world’s best drivers. Not only in the past has oit rocked but also in the present it is eligible for attending any event of the classic supreme cars.

Ferrari 290m
  • Producto 1956
  • Body Style Spyder
  • FMR Layout
  • Engine 3.5L

Jaguar D Type

The specifically made car for a particular race

This car is a candy to your eyes. It kind of gives you goose-bumps after looking at this charmer there is no person on this planet who would not be pleased by its looks. This car was specifically designed to win the Le Mans 24 Hours race. The D- Type was produced by Jaguar between 1954 and 1957. D- Type soon after won the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1955. After winning this race successfully Jaguar retired from racing as a factory team.

Jaguar D type
  • Sports car
  • Manufactures : Jaguar Cars
  • Production 1954-1957
  • Front engine, Rear wheel

Aston martin DBR1

The beauty with extraordinary chips

The Aston Martin DBR1 was a sports racing car built by Aston Martin starting in 1956, intended for the World Sports Car Championship as well as non-championship sportscar races at the time. It is most famous as the victor of the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans, Aston Martin’s only outright victory at the endurance classic. It is one of only three cars in the 1950s to win both the World Sports Car Championship and Le Mans 24 Hours in the same year. Out of one of the facts is that the car is an ultimate example of beauty with the extraordinary.

Aston Martin DBR1 car
  • Chassis Multi tabular, Space Frame design
  • Suspension Torsion Bar
  • Weight 1,765 Lbs
  • Wheelbase 7ft