Best-Selling Pick-up Truck Ford F-150 Electrified & Turned into Mobile Charger

Best-Selling Pick-up Truck Ford F-150 Electrified & Turned into Mobile Charger

American’s favorite best-selling pick-up truck isn’t just electrified with blazing lightning name. F-150 has evolved as a powerful electric and hybrid pick-up truck to become the fastest Level 2 EV charging with the use of Pro Power onboard generators.

The F-150 is built to deliver extreme charging capability to other electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. These vehicles incorporate the 7.2 or 9.6kwh of onboard generates that have immense power to charge up the mobile, appliances, and other EV’s.

The dubbed Pro Power onboard charger incorporates a 240-volt plug for Level 2 Charging capability. It has another lesser powerful 2.4kwh of Pro Power Onboard is standard on Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pick-up truck and Powerboost hybrid pick-up truck. 

F-150 has can retain 20 miles of range in an hour with the rear-wheel drive and larger battery pack. F-150 uses a similar battery pack in the truck that delivers 13 miles of range and 10 miles of range in Ford E-Transit Cargo Van.

Ford F-150 can share a few miles with its fellow drivers on the road when they have run out of battery. This opens the opportunity for drivers to accompany other drivers on the road also they don’t have to rely on a single charge. 

F-150 Lightning has a grid-fed charging that simultaneously charges with another electric vehicle.  The F-150 pick-up truck EV Centipede can deliver higher miles. The Pro Power Onboard charging doesn’t allow other EVs to get charged up. The onboard generator can easily power up small electronics such as cellphones, and laptops with the capacity of 120-volt outlets. F-150 Powerboost hybrid with the 7.2 kW Pro Power Onboard generator that can light up the house in seconds.