2020 Car Shows in the USA: One Must Definitely Attend

2020 Car Shows in the USA: One Must Definitely Attend

In the car industry, Car Shows are the most important events. The objective of these Car Shows all over the world is to showcase their latest model, best design and create good scope for the market. The Car Shows are really a wonderful platform for establishing a good audience and test the audience interest. 


These Car Shows help the companies to predict the sales and also pitch their customers by explaining the benefits. These Car Shows also reflect the taste of the customers.

1. The Grand National Roadster Show:

The Grand National Roadster Show is one of the most popular Car Shows. It is generally held in the month of January and presently will be celebrating its 71st Years in 2021. In this Car Show, more than 600 cars displayed for the competition which is sponsored by Mayeda Motorsports. This Show is not particularly for cars only, but open to all types of vehicles.

The Grand National Roadster Show

2. Capitola Rod and Custom Classic Car Show:

The first Capitola Rod and Custom Classic Car Show was held in 2005. It is usually organized in the month of June Mid. This is one of the most entertaining and awesome car shows with lots of fun, music, restaurants,  and latest cars. They display a lot of automotive parts, machines, components, and tools in the show.

Capitola Rod and Custom Classic Car Show

3. The Sema Show:

Sema Show will be organized by Las Vegas Convention Center in the month of November at Paradise Road, Las Vegas. More than 2400 exhibitors will be there,  who will propose 3,000 latest appliances, parts, and components as well as goods illustrations, informative seminars, and exclusive events. A huge almost 70,000 crowd visited the Sema Show for this car show. If you are a car lover then this will be a great event for you. 

The Sema Show

4. Carlisle Ford Nationals

There will be unique performances, investments, and brand-new car inspection tours by Ford Motor Company and Ford Performance. The partners of Thunderbirds, one of Ford’s most advanced enforcement cars, will also arrive collectively in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is also one of the best Car Shows which also offers the components, various parts, at a low cost. 

Carlisle Ford Nationals

5. Bonneville Speed Week:

Bonneville Speed Week has a diverse idea related to the different auto shows listed. This Car Show was organized on the 8th of August, 2020 in Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover, Utah. This Speed Week Show was first commenced in 1949. Bonneville Speed Week has been the biggest sporting contest held yearly. 


6. The North America International Show:

The North American International Auto Show was annually hosted by Detroit, Michigan. It is the stage to show off the United States’ car inventors’ new cars. The program is also for award ceremonies for the truck of the year and North American cars as well as performances and ideas. This North American International Auto Show pitches the market for sale and also helps the customer to choose best for them.

The North America International Show


These Auto Shows listed above are one of the best platforms for both the buyers and the sellers to make good deals. As the deals on the various automobiles can be available at a low price or at a good discount for the time of Auto Show. This  Auto Shows offers wonderful deals for the customers and rich market for the companies.