Top Useless Features not required in Cars: Replace your Current Vehicle and Buy Used Cars Instead of new.

Top Useless Features not required in Cars: Replace your Current Vehicle and Buy Used Cars Instead of new.

If you are thinking to replace your current car and decided to buy a brand new car. Then this article is for you, as obviously some guidance is needed, my friend!  Well, are you sure that you had enough thinking about what you need for your next ride? As it can cause a bang on your hard-earned wage. Ever thought about how useless few so-called “new technology” features can be?

As cars have developed, engineers or automakers kept on nudging increasingly more technology into them around the globe. And keeping in mind that a great deal of the technology is appealing, valuable and cool, a lot of it throughout the years has not been excessively useful. Wait, what?  You’ll get your answers by the end of finishing the post. Hell, a great deal of the technology in cars has been installed there basically even after knowing that designers could press it into the vehicle and manufacturers could then charge a premium(more expensive) for it.

So here are some listed features which will help you in:

  • Realizing why you shouldn’t waste money on new cars.
  • Importance of used cars.

The Fake Roof Rails made of Plastic

Roofs are to protect ourselves, right? Where in some cases, even meant to carry those heavy payloads. But do you really think that fake ones will even able to bear all this? Above all, some carmakers are even using fake plastic roof rails just to enhance the accessorization of cars which is of literal no use as they are just making the car look bolder but won’t be even able to bear a hailstorm.


Voice Recognition

Car drivers are not Tony stark as this artificial intelligence won’t take them anywhere just by recognizing the voice of the user unless and until the driver is not an avenger. We don’t think that there is really a need for car recognition Technology as we can only play music and all but it doesn’t even require another means.


Low-end automatic cars having paddle shifter

If the user is having a car that percolates raw power over 400hp then paddle shifters can be an amazing fun thing. But barely having the power specs of 100hp will not create any difference. They can be as useless as planning a trip in this COVID-19.  Drivers might get the feel of controlling a sports car but that won’t leave behind every vehicle while shifting the paddles in the thriller ride.


Mirror link connectivity

Ever heard about them? Well for those who know and for those who do not know, it is helpful in connecting our phone to the infotainment system to the car. We don’t understand what is fun in connecting or syncing the phone with the system when we can control the system with our phone?  The screen mirroring works best in our house to display something on television by operating it through the phone. Though it is a total waste of Technology when it comes to cars.


Fake tips of exhaust

There is literally no use of adding the exhausters when the car is not capable of even producing that much amount of power. Mufasa must have felt such power when no one was left on the battlefield. It is only practical to use the real exhaustive tips in real cars which can zoom on the road leaving behind every vehicle. The carmakers need to make an important decision here and try to not fake it as much as possible. They are basically installed for the purpose of increasing the cosmetic appeal and the cost of a specific car. Carmakers should not try to bring back the muscle era of cars.


The electronic parking brakes

The manual parking systems are being replaced with electronic automatic ones. The role is to prevent the drafting but not more than that and most importantly they also increase the challenges while servicing and diagnostics. But if on one day, the electrical system might not be working and the user will not be able to engage the parking brakes, later leading into cursing the carmakers.

electronic parking brakes

New cars smell good but are they really worth the amount we spend on buying? Above mentioned are only some listed features which are considered to be useless in advance tech-cars but the list is quite long (trust me). So now you must be thinking, is it worth buying those expensive brand new cars having features that are rarely or never used? Well, we don’t think so! So there comes the role of used cars in action. As we can get rid of paying for useless extras on new car features.