All You Need to Know About Nissan GT-R Series & Its History

All You Need to Know About Nissan GT-R Series & Its History

Thinking to buy a used Imagine a car with a copiously rich history—and hereafter this ride begins: ’cause every such imagination paves the way to a legendary Hall of Famer of the automotive industry. You think it exactly right! We are talking about the one and only Nissan GT-R.

Remarkably, it has been 50 years of GT-R ruling over the roads and hearts.

Quick Features

Nissan GT-R Series & Its History
  • 8-L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine assembled in this sporty beast generates 600 horsepower.
  • 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission and Aerodynamic Alchemy makes it super fast.
  • Advanced All-wheel Drive is really provides highly-balanced handling.


This car is indeed a legend and carrying its legacy with utmost excellence. Being widely famous Nissan GT-R is available for sale across the USA at almost every authorized dealer in every condition—used, certified, pre-owned. This model of Nissan under $100,000 is truly one of the finest sports cars in this price range.

Brief History

This ravishing journey began in 1969 with the launch of its initial most first generation edition Skyline 2000GT-R (PGC10).

  • Appearance wise PGC10 was a decent sedan comprising 160 horsepower engine with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.
  • It followed by Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10) which was released in 1971, unlike its previous counterpart—it was a two-door coupe and not a four-door sedan.
  • Another member of this family had a short, but frolic life. 1973 KPGC110, also known as Kenmeri Skyline—was a two-door sports car. Interestingly, it had got this name Kenmeri after a young couple Kane & Mary who were featured in a beloved TV advertisement then. Only 197 cars were built due to stricter emissions standards and the international oil crisis, ending the KPGC110’s minute era.
  • Meet the ancestor of today’s GT-Rs, 1989 R32—which had laid the foundation of the modern design and concept of these cars. It had introduced the All-wheel Drive to this series and was powered by a massive 280 horsepower engine. This Skyline’s speedy wagon had an impeccable record on its name—from 1990 to 1993 it had participated in four seasons of Japan Touring Car Championship and remain unbeaten, not once, but 29 times.
  • With R33 in 1995 the advancement and technology began, things took new turns toward modernization and smarter transportation. It featured ATTESA E-TS Pro AWD System alongside lowered and more focused suspensions.
  • And by 1998, with the launch of R34, Nissan introduced the Twin-Turbo I6 engine which was capable of generating 327 horsepower.
  • And, the journey continues…

We are here in this moment with Nissan GT-R 2019, which is at its best and thriving to be better & better.

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