Buying a Used Car: Used Car Mileage vs Age

Buying a Used Car: Used Car Mileage vs Age

Nowadays, the market for used cars is rising beyond one’s imagination which creates the necessity of putting emphasis on a few factors which tend to affect the pricing: Age or miles. 

Let’s understand the concept and how they affect the value of the used cars. It’s a simple math older car, lesser price. If a car is 8 years old, it will be more affordable than the 2-year-old. If the car is driven 100,000 miles driven is less expensive than a car with 20,000 miles.

Now, the area of concern is what matters more when purchasing used car miles or its age? Let us enlighten you about the same.

Whoever said age is just a number but it matters!

Age plays an important role when you’re proceeding with the purchase also mileage matter’s a lot. Sometimes age is a big deal than the mileage which entirely depends upon the driver and how much time they have spent in driving those wheels. 

If you consider buying a used car with the age of 10 or 15 years but it has only driven 30,000-40,000 miles. It will sound intimidating to the users and there are maximum chances the consumer will buy the same.

If you find the used car with low miles that implies parts of the car haven’t been used much and they won’t age if they aren’t exercised. 

The 6 or 8-year-old who hasn’t been used and wasted the time by sitting in the garage become an area of concern instead of buying a 10-11 years old vehicle which is fully maintained.

How Mileage Interests?

Mileage can affect your decision in the long haul also affects your decision. The Car’s odometer depicts the life of the vehicle and how much more it can live. If the car is driven 60,000 miles which means it can cover approx. 160,000 miles more. 

The parts of the car are designed to live longer and smoothen your driving experience. Engine, transmission and other suspension increase the life of the car which means a car with extended miles comes as a good decision to buy. 

If the car has added its miles which means it’s important to understand. The car with the inclusion of city miles leads to face more wear and tear which also had highway miles that are easier to found in the car.

The owner of the car look for every issue and problem which shows the car has been maintained properly. There are chances you’ll find the well-maintained car with more miles.

Check the repair and maintenance history

You can monitor the mileage and age of the vehicle but also check the service and maintenance records at the time of buying a used car also get them inspected by the mechanic before signing off the deal.

Inspection is necessary as the vehicle tends to show the signs of wear and tear often except the engine doesn’t wear easily. If you’re in the situation where you need to pick between the year and mileage. Consider the one which serves your purpose and remains more useful in the long haul.

Do the pre-inspection before buying the car so you can see the car which is based upon the age as well as miles too.