Used Audi A4 Is An Excellent Car

Used Audi A4 Is An Excellent Car

The Audi A4 is a steadfast favorite among car fans because of its iconic German brand’s handling and sportiness. The car is regarded as a dependable and secure alternative, with trim options that provide enjoyment with rapid acceleration and adept cornering. If you’re thinking about buying an Audi A4, you might be curious about how used versions’ costs stack up against those of brand-new ones. For an average of $21,479 less than the 2020 model, you can purchase a used Audi A4 with many of the same amenities. That amounts to a 52% saving.

Take a look at the Audi A4’s many rivals, such as the Used BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class, Cadillac ATS, Volvo S60, and more. It’s difficult to go wrong with any of these entry-level luxury vehicles, but a used Audi A4 sedan for sale may make sense for a buyer seeking a moderately fuel-efficient premium sports sedan that is stylish, and simple to drive with AWD traction, and available in a wagon.

Test Drive To-Do List:

Check the Push-Button Start System

Check whether the push-button engine control system functions or not as it should and that any supplied remote keyfobs are in good working condition for various reasons. A weak car battery may hinder the engine start button from functioning reliably or from powering the A4 up fast, if at all. A weak keyfob battery may cause havoc with the A4’s smart-key system. Consider having the keyfob batteries changed, along with the car charging system and battery being inspected or replaced, if this system appears to be malfunctioning.

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Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)

Customers are urged to think about a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) as an essential part of their purchasing experience due to a potentially large list of pretty clearly discernible flaws with this generation of A4. Have the seller meet you at the local Audi dealer, or make plans to get the car there on your own.

A professional can search for indications of danger in approximately an hour and for roughly $120-150. Fuel injectors, fuel pumps, defective ignition coil packs, a leaky coolant pump, a defective power steering system, and other potential problem areas may be involved. The majority of these problems are simple to identify and manage, but if ignored, they can have a considerable impact on drivability and dependability.

Key indicators to seek additional assistance from a professional include clunky, irregular, or infrequent engine performance and an unusual, inconsistent steering feel. Include “used Audi A4 near me” in your search keywords to get the best results available in your locality. 

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Consider A Thorough Revamp

Every engine needs to run with fresh spark plugs and oil, but a turbocharged and direct-injected engine like the one found in the majority of older A4 variations may require it even more. Until you find proof to the contrary, assume the car you’re thinking about needs an oil change and a fresh set of spark plugs. The valve gunk deposits that are frequently observed in this sort of engine might be caused by running expired spark plugs and stale engine oil. Long and trouble-free engine life depends on having fresh plugs and oil, as well as regular use of premium gasoline and attention to all factory-recommended maintenance as described in the owner’s handbook.

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Talk to a Service Advisor About Oil Consumption

Some owners of this model of the Audi A4 with the standard 2.0T engine have complained about the excessive amounts of oil used by the vehicle. Checking the engine oil level and condition before going on a test drive, as well as continuing to do so frequently while you own the vehicle, is your greatest line of protection when purchasing a secondhand car. Though it appears that previous models from this generation are more frequently affected by this issue, notify your dealer’s service department of any observed oil consumption before the warranty expires (if applicable), and make sure that it is documented. If you’re thinking about buying an older model, discuss your oil usage worries with an Audi service representative and get their advice on the best course of action.

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For the greatest peace of mind, buyers who are determined on a used A4 are recommended to look for a newer used model that has never been changed and one with as much remaining original warranty as feasible. A healthy used A4 available for sale with a mechanical thumbs up should give worry-free access to one of the most well-liked luxury cars on the whole globe. There are many used copies of the A4 accessible, and the majority of its faults are simple to identify and remedy. 

Which Audi A4 used model is the best?

The 2018 Audi A4 is the most affordable option on the lot. While still enjoying the cutting-edge technology and safety features that were available in 2017 models, you get to save money. Except for the absence of the RS 4 models, there aren’t any significant differences in either fuel efficiency or the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I test drive my Audi?

You can typically take a test drive for the standard 15 to 30-minute time frame, but Audi also offers a 24-hour test drive, but you have to make a prior appointment for that.

Can I book multiple vehicles for a test drive?

Yes, you may test drive several vehicles without charge.

Is the Audi A4 a good buy?

The value for money is excellent. The A4 is surprisingly roomy inside and has several of Audi’s most well-liked technologies as standard equipment. The A4 is a more enticing entry-level luxury car thanks to its smooth, strong performance.

Is the Audi A4 expensive to maintain?

As with any other high-end vehicle, the Audi A4 requires a lot of care. The cost of maintaining a diesel vehicle is higher due to the need for more regular fluid replacements and repairs. However, the car’s operating expenses are rather low.

How long does the average Audi A4 last?

In general, the Audi A4 may endure 200,000 miles with good maintenance. Nevertheless, they are the exceptions, not the rule. You may anticipate 13 years of dependable service before needing unaffordable repairs based on a 15,000-mile yearly mileage.

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