Used Acura NSX is Still a Good Choice

Used Acura NSX is Still a Good Choice

A used Acura NSX might be an excellent investment because it is widely regarded as the first and only supercar ever developed by the Honda Motor Company. In 1991, it was made available and marketed in the US. Anyone walking down the street is even drawn to its second-hand models. It is probably one of the best when it comes to used Acura cars. The NSX’s lack of extreme fussiness when it comes to tune-ups, components, and maintenance is its best feature compared to the similarly fussy supercars of its period.

Because it is undeniably expensive to repair, we have put together this helpful list of things to look out for when purchasing an Acura NSX for sale to protect potential buyers from being taken advantage of.

The Exterior

Because aluminum, not steel, was used to make the majority of the Acura NSX, the damage you can’t see now will cost you more than you think, and using a magnet to search for body filler won’t ever work because aluminum is still not magnetic. So, examine the body in broad daylight; if it’s dark outside, wait until tomorrow before buying an NSX for sale. Aluminum frames are far less tolerant of damage than steel ones are, and repairing them practically never restores them to their previous condition.

The Interior

Used NSX side bolsters are bound to show wear, as are the sections of each seat that expand and contract when reclined. Cracked leather is normal here, and if you’re not satisfied with that, set aside enough dough for the most expensive Recaros you can find; they’ll still be cheaper than anything from the NSX parts bin.

Make sure the heater and air conditioner are both blowing hot air. Make sure that the digital display functions and that the fan blows at each speed. Older temperature control systems, which can cost up to $1000 to replace, frequently only blow at their highest speeds. Because the inside of the NSX’s Bose sound system, including its speakers, is customized, it is more difficult to integrate aftermarket components. Check the brake, clutch, and gas pedals last.

The Engine

However, Honda is cautious with its suggested service intervals, so after you cross that point, don’t anticipate your timing belt to suddenly shred into pieces or your water pump to lock up. As it turns out, regularly driven automobiles are more likely to get more life out of their belts and pumps than non-driven ones, which implies that a 15-year-old used Honda NSX may require more maintenance than you’d be led to expect. Honda also recalled the water pumps for the first NSX for sale. Find out if the car you’re considering has got the replacement, and if not, learn why.

Leaks in the engine and transmission oil are, for the most part, unacceptable. Leaks are frequently an indication of carelessness because Honda has one of the best gaskets and sealing systems of any carmaker. The rear camshaft plugs, valve cover gaskets, and VTEC solenoid areas are often leaking. The rear cylinder head demands skill for any form of service. After the NSX has been driven, take care to inspect it for leaks.

Transmission and Suspension

Some NSX cars from 1991 and 1992 have a defective snap ring in the transmission countershaft bearing that might potentially cause catastrophic gearbox failure. Verify the VIN of the transmission, which is situated on its upper side, to verify if it is within tolerance.

The NSX’s suspension is its greatest feature. Hence, the Honda NSX for sale should not have any faults in that section. Anything that tracks unevenly or is not correctly aligned should be questioned. The brakes should be inspected similarly to how any other automobile would be. Make sure that there are no odd noises, modulations, or pedal vibrations when braking forcefully. Problems can also arise with older NSX ABS systems. Check to see if there are any leaks, strange noises, or vibrations, as well as any problem indicator lights on the system.

Under the Hood

Since the engine and transmission are located in the rear, there isn’t much going on below the hood. Make sure the radiator’s front side isn’t worn down from years of pebbles and other debris striking it. Look for wear or shoddy crack repairs on its end tanks. Right between the radiator and the firewall should be the spare tire. The incorrect battery might put its connections in a risky position next to the chassis, which is a good sign that something else may have gone wrong. Therefore, before buying a used NSX for sale, make sure to inspect it thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an old Acura NSX cost?

According to the model year, mileage, and overall condition of the vehicle, the value of a used Honda NSX for sale in the first edition (1990-2005) ranges from $45,000 to $60,000. Between $110,000 and $150,000 is the price for the second generation (2016-2022).

Why is the NSX being discontinued?

The NSX will make one more appearance in 2022 with the Type-S, sharing the spotlight with its Acura-Honda family brothers. Quite simply, it is being terminated because it is too excellent! The automobile takes too long to build, is too complex, and has too little profit margin. Although it is neither the quickest nor the cheapest, the NSX is neither pricey nor sluggish. Acura is graciously handing us a budget-friendly sports vehicle in place of raising the price on us and possibly permanently saying goodbye to the NSX.

Which is the cheapest NSX?

The first generation of the used Acura NSX is the cheapest. If you are looking to buy one of these used cars with low financing rates, you can use our website and type in “used cars finance near me” to get the best deals in your area.

Is the Acura NSX worth it?

In terms of affordability and relatively low operating expenses, the NSX makes for a fantastic secondhand supercar purchase. A decade ago, this vehicle had a hefty six-figure price tag. Today, it is not only becoming more inexpensive, but it is also proving to be dependable and simple to own by used supercar standards. Choose wisely, make a pre-purchase mechanical examination a requirement, and you’ll be well on your way to owning one of the most exquisite vehicles ever created.

How many NSXs are there?

Due to the NSX’s nearly entirely manual construction on its assembly line, just 18,685 of the cars were produced total throughout the 15 years of its manufacture. Of that total, 8997 automobiles were sold in the US and 701 in Canada.

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