Upcoming Cars: The New Models Arriving by 2022

Upcoming Cars: The New Models Arriving by 2022

Looking to buy a new vehicle? Or Are you confused about making a purchase now or later, here we are a list of amazing models that are the latest in the market and with some upgraded features? Based on the demand, it is found that the market of America is shifting towards SUVs and crossovers, and there are dozens of options available for you.

The period of the pandemic has disturbed the whole supply chain market and distribution, therefore, there may be some possibilities of unavailability of the models in the dealership locators. Although, with the improved situation, the new models are found in the market with the best price.

Let’s find out more about the 2022 New Models and their specifications.

1. BMW 4-Series

It is one of the demands for Electric Vehicles. Before this model, the other two i3 and i8 were low-volume models. The BMW 4-Series is upgraded to an all-wheel-drive dual-motor setup. The amazing features are all mentioned in the table below. It can cover 300 miles in a single charge and the starting price for the i4 series is $65,000.

Fuel Type  Petrol 
No. of cylinders 6
Transmission Type Automatic
Fuel Tank Capacity 60

2. 2022 Audi e-Tron GT

The most amazing feature is normal driving, it can create 469 hp. It is considered as one of the quickest, uses different rear motors, and produces 590 hp. In a single charge, it can go 238 miles.

The price of the New Audi e-Tron GT starts from $99,000.

Fuel Type  Electric 
Seating Capacity 5
Transmission Type Automatic
Maximum Torque 630Nm

3. Electra Meccanica Solo

Electra Meccanica Solo is an amazing electric vehicle that can operate 100 miles on a full charge. It is a three-wheel drive, seating for one available in Meccanica Solo. It provides a fun, capable, and versatile ride to the passenger as well as the driver.

Battery Capacity  17.3kWh 
Curb Weight 748 kg / 1650 lbs
Starting Price $15,000
Wheel 3-wheel

4. 2022 Lucid Air

The modular and futuristic design of this sedan attracts most of its customer base, but many tech-savvy customers know the ins and outs of this car, that it can deliver 1,111 horsepower along with an EPA of 471 miles. On the other hand, the Dream range of the same model is providing an EPA of 520 miles in trade with the horsepower it provides which is 933 hp.

Transmission  1-speed automatic 
Curb Weight 5,266 lb
Power 800hp/span>
Torque 885 lb-ft

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5. 2022 Tesla Roadster

If this model wouldn’t have been delayed, the arrival was proposed in 2020 but the latest news is that the production itself of the second-generation Tesla Roadster is going to begin in 2023. This beast of a car has a 3-motor engine that enables it to zap from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 1.6 seconds. It can cover a fourth of a mile in just 8.8 seconds.

The prices are high, $200,000 inclusive of booking charges of $50,000.

Engine Electric
Power 259 hp
Torque 247 lb-ft
Transmission Single-speed