Amazing Cars to start off 2019 winter

Amazing Cars to start off 2019 winter

“Driving and off-roading in winters give you access to some of the best scenic views you’ll ever see. Although everything from cold to driving at this time is difficult and cars also work harder at this time, all of it is worth it when you experience the scenic locations with white snow all around with a sense of calm and quiet everywhere away from your hectic lives.”

Although summers and springs can be a great time to drive especially for your rear wheel drives, we think that winters are really less appreciated for drives and sightseeing. Just because winters are gloomy, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them as you drive. Keeping this in mind we’ve prepared a list of the most amazing cars for you for winter 2019. All of these cars have a 4 wheel drive and all of these run smoothly in winters as well off-road so that these are just not your seasonal vehicle these are your year-round vehicles.

To make you enjoy the chills and the beauty of winter in a perfect all seasonal car, we’ve come up with a list of cars that can be perfect for you in winters as well as all year round. Below given is the list:-

1. Jeep Wrangler


No List for hardtop off-road vehicles can be complete without a mention of any of the Jeep Cars and for the purpose we want, Used Jeep Wrangler suits the best of the Jeep Collection. Thanks to its standard 4WD, it can handle any terrain, snow storm and your day to day commute with the same easiness as driving on asphalt. The new JL model of Wrangler might seem as similar to the predecessor, but the changes go deeper than the skin with improved interiors and improved off-road capabilities and stability. This car is truly a party on wheels as you can take in anywhere at any time without thinking too much.

2. Ford F 150

ford f 150

Ford F 150 is the best-selling pickup truck in the history of American Automobile Industry and that’s because of one primary reason which is that it can be found in variable varieties in its lineup and you are sure to find a use for any one of them for your own use.

For the current use, we are talking about, used Ford F 150 Raptor is one of the best vehicles you will find. With its super comfortable interiors, supreme off-road abilities backed by standard 4WD and a hardcore exterior to brave any storm in the world, the Ford F 150 Raptor is truly a beast of a machine for the purpose of winter off-road driving.

3. Toyota RAV 4


Having had a big upgrade as well as a facelift for the 2019 Model, the Toyota RAV4 has suddenly transformed from a mid-lined car to a top of the tier compact crossover SUV which can handle numerous terrains. Equipped with All AWD, the used Toyota RAV4 model now comes with a standard all-terrain model wherein you can select the modes ranging from Mud, Sand, Rock, Dirt, and Snow which makes this one a perfect, practical as well as pocket-friendly choice for those concerned.

4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500


The new Silverado is a much roomier, more comfortable and more family-like pickup with a bigger cargo bay than before. With its new turbocharged inline four Engine and a torquey engine, this one has got really better than before.

As far as which variant to choose for winter, Silverado with Z71 Offroad Package is the best one to buy for the winters. Equipped with some cool off-road features such as off-road suspension, hill descent plates, and all-terrain tires, the Z71 package is available in all 4×4 Silverado as well as Custom Trail Boss and LT trail Boss trims.

5. The All new 2019 Ram 1500


Having had some intense upgrades which have improved this full-size pickup truck which has improved this truck aesthetically, mechanically as well as technologically, Ram 1500 has also got e-torque mild-hybrid system that adds torque and saves fuel.

Our recommendation for the winter is the used Ram 1500 Rebel which is made or winters and difficult terrains. Although not as extreme and strong as the Ford F 150 Raptor, this machine is still modestly equipped with off-road aesthetics, all-terrain tires, a factory lift as well as a locking rear differential and to make sure that you go through the worst storms, worst winters and the most extreme of terrains.

6. Chevrolet Tahoe


Being popular as well as favorable for a long time as a family SUV with a reputation to carry big families with loads of stuff and towing abilities, the Chevrolet Tahoe with the 4WD is now also favorable for winters and snowy mountains.

Just like the Silverado, we’d like to recommend the Z71 midnight package which comes with the midnight aesthetics as well as the off-road capabilities mentioned for the Silverado. The biggest disappointment, however, has been that there has been little change in this car over the years and you might as well buy a certified 2015 or 2016 instead of the new 2019 one to save money. Lack of upgrades is the reason that this otherwise superb SUV has been mentioned lower than 5 on our list.

7. GMC Sierra 1500 AT4


The GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado for long have been very similar mechanically and the case still remains, however at no point in recent history these pickup trucks have been no different.

The new GMC Sierra 1500 T4 is actually a part of the new subsidiary range for the General Motor Trucks AT4. The new Sierra AT4 is the replacement of the old Sierra All Terrain and is very similar on different levels to the with 4WD, equipped with a similar off-road kit as well as a more premium aesthetic added to the distinction which comes with the industry-exclusive MultiPro six-function tailgate.

8. Ford Ranger


The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger Pickup truck is an excellent midsized pickup truck that shows a nice balance of capability, efficiency, comfort as well as value. Although not as Extreme as the Ford F 150 Raptor, this pickup comes with various options of modifications that can make you change this vehicle in the type that you like. Moreover, besides that the already present standard 4 wheel drive makes it a beast on the snow anywhere anytime without any modification.

9. Toyota Sienna All Wheel Drive


I am sure that you were expecting anything but a minivan on the list, right? What’s different here is that the Toyota Sienna has the distinction of being the only Minivan on the market that has an All-Wheel Drive. Although it might not be the coolest car on the list when it comes to looks, performance, aesthetics, and engine an AWD minivan can generate a lot of traction as compared to FWD minivans. If you have an AWD along with the comforts, space and cargo storage of a minivan, what more would you want for your family in a winter car? However, the only downside with this remains that the All-wheel drive is only available in the higher models of the minivan and they can be pretty expensive for a minivan.