Top 10 used electric cars under 5000 | Electric Cars

Top 10 used electric cars under 5000 | Electric Cars

“Hybrids, as well as Electric Vehicles, are more often than not recommended to be bought pre-used because they are often become dreary, wasteful as well hard to maintain with a losing luster and attraction. Still, at an emerging level of technological level, these cars have been dominating the new cars market recently but they still have a long way to go when it comes to used cars market. Though some companies have been able to break this trend and have been able to gain buyers for pre-owned cars, it still seems a long way to go.”

In this article, we are going to talk about those electric as well as hybrid cars which haven’t become impractical and dreary to buy as a used car. These are some great vehicles who have profited from the recent technological advancements in the EV and Hybrid sector of the Automobile Industry, especially here in the US. If you are looking for a pre-owned electric or hybrid vehicle and are skeptical about it, then this is the page to be.

Today, according to some very important international agencies such as WHO, UNICEF, UNEP, and GGGI, we are in urgent need of reducing the carbon footprint, and with the automobile industry being responsible for a big chunk of the same, it has become needful from the companies as well as consumers that they choose more and more of green technology.

To meet this rising demand of electric and hybrid cars, the companies have had to innovate and this has resulted in better performing and more sturdy electric cars that have even started to make a footprint (not carbon) in the used cars industry as well. This article highlights in detail which EVs and Hybrids are best for you to buy if you wanna buy them pre-owned, which aren’t dreary and impractical like others.

Without further ado, here is the list.


1. Tesla Model S

$56,490 starting
Top Speed – 155 mph

This one is like a no brainer. The early Model S from Tesla start around $40,000 with a little less mileage. Although, normally we’d be a little concerned about the reliability plus the fact that the bumper to bumper warranty of this car runs out in just 4 years, but to make things better the warranty of all electrical components is 8 years with no limit of miles on them. What’s more, even the early Model S were amongst some of the best Electric Vehicles to drive and not much has changed to the day with numerous good updates and a styling refresh.

This car should be amongst the first ones to be considered for buying.


2. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

$6,995 starting
Top Speed – 120 mph

Although the car is neither visually appealing nor a case of mechanical innovations and excellence, this one is a compact SUV and right now these vehicles are selling like hot tickets.  The most appealing version of the RAV4 is the hybrid one. Even when the gasoline version is easily matched or surpassed in various areas, the Hybrid version of the same vehicle offers a fuel economy that hasn’t been attained by any competitor, and when the competitive glare is deleted from the scene, this a good package for practical people and this also applies to used models of this car as well.


3. BMW i3

$15,000 starting
Top Speed – 93 mph

One of the most popular hybrid/EV vehicle amongst the people with a taste of such vehicles, the BMW i3 might seem like a doubtful choice with its somewhat odd sorts of outer appearance, it is surely not the case in reality.

When you actually have a look at this car, read its specifications and go for a test drive, you’ll find that this vehicle is top notch when it comes to driving experience, interior packaging, advanced engineering and great wheels that make us all sort of believe in the car. Oh, and many of these cars are coming off lease and can be bought at a price which is in the range of higher 10,000’s.


4. Lexus NX 300h

$31,000 starting
Top Speed – 124 mph

This one car ticks in every box for the desired SUV in modern times. If you want a modern compact SUV that is a hybrid, has one of the best and smoothest driving experience plus beautiful interior built, then this is the best one for your choice. Surprisingly enough for Lexus built cars, this one doesn’t seem like an old man’s drive, rather it is refined, extremely comfortable and a very sharp vehicle and that is for sure. What more it offers is the combined 32 mpg as opposed to mid-20s you’d be looking at when looking about the closest competitors of this car.


5. Chevrolet Volt

$12,987 starting
Top Speed – 100 mph

The Chevrolet Volt is another good vehicle of its segment that has been popular amongst not only the Electric and Hybrid vehicle customers, but also those who are not so much of a fan of these vehicles. Though both the second gen and the first gen don’t have much of difference when it comes to technology and performance, you’ll still get best in class electric thrust, a low center of gravity, a well-tuned suspension. All in all a sturdy yet performing vehicle, this one is amongst the most popular when buying a used hybrid and electric cars.


6. Volkswagen eGolf

$14,976 starting
Top Speed – 93 mph

For years, the Volkswazen Golf has been amongst one of our favorite compact cars and unsurprisingly for us, not much about the iconic compact car has changed actually. Dubbed as the eGolf, this hybrid vehicle just replaces gas tank and an engine by batteries and motors. Surprisingly enough, not even the cargo space has changed, not even the overall appearance. Therefore. eGolf has also become one of our favorite compact cars.


7. Fiat 500e

$7,995 starting

Battery Range 84 (mi)

If you want a goofy vehicle that is easy to maintain, easy to drive and cheap to maintain then the Fiat 500e is the perfect car for you.  If you have a day to day work of going to just short distances, then this car is best when it comes to cost to utility ratio. Available for a sum as less as $6000, this one is the cheapest vehicle that has been featured on this list.


8. Honda Accord Hybrid

$15,431 starting

Battery Range 84 (mi)

Using the same technology that is used on today’s hybrid cars, this veteran series of gasoline cars is also one of the best when it comes to Electric and Hybrid cars.  Basically relying on the electric motor to directly power the wheels while the gas engine works as the generator, this car uses the state of the technology to be used. Using a motor based electronic throttle system makes this car gives you the experience of driving an actual electrical vehicle. This one is generally considered as one of the smartest choices you’ll make while buying a used electric/ hybrid vehicle just because of its general well-rounded excellence and super reliability.


9. Lexus RX 450h

$21,955 starting

Combined Fuel Economy 23 MPG

The second Lexus on this list, the recommendation goes to the latest model of RX that was released in 2016 and is some serious levels above its predecessor which seriously upgraded the traditionally conservative and dull driver engagement as well style. The Lexus RX 450h is also available with the F sports package which makes the suspension more adaptive that in turn makes the handling as well as the feel of the ride far better than its predecessors. Lexus’ reliability is a major reason because the economy of this car is actually high, unlike other mid-size sedans that are the competitors from the same segment.


10. Honda CRZ

Body Style – coupe

Top Speed – 125 mph

It is no secret that when this car was first introduced, we all hoped that it’d be of the level of CRX in terms of driving and performance, but sadly it wasn’t to be the car. Still, a better car than most hybrids on the market, this with heavier hybrid powertrain and batteries and duller performance nonetheless look funny and can be acquired for as less as $10,000.


11. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Top speed – 115 mph

MPG (Hwy) 25

Being the most reliable heavy hauler hybrid family SUV for years now, only the price and the fuel economy of this vehicle wasn’t able to make this vehicle competitive enough previously.  The latest Highlander is better built, better performing, and more responsive than its predecessor.


12. BMW i8

Top speed – 155 mph

Price $73,997

However crazy it seems to buy one of these insanely expensive cars, one thing is for sure, if you buy this vehicle at about half its original price of $143,000 you’re deemed to get a high-end sports car that doesn’t have many miles on its odometer. It’s one of the coolest vehicles in the market today and it is expected to remain so for long. We know this one is the only one that is not practical but at least it is not dreary and not a Pruise, plus it proves that you can drive green vehicles which look super trendy and something from future perhaps.

These were some of the Hybrids and Electric Vehicles that have over the years proved their reliance and have been able to make it to the list, we advise you strongly to buy a used hybrid or electric from this list because they are all well tested as well as performing vehicles.

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