Tesla adds Holiday Software updates in all line-up

Tesla adds Holiday Software updates in all line-up

Tesla never fails to impress the audience with its technological advancements, features, and everything. Elon Musk over the holidays rolled out a Holiday software update that enhances the customer experience and adds more fun games and visuals in the electric cars.

Christmas morning comes bearing gifts for the Tesla users by their Santa Musk. The Holiday update in Firmware 2020.48.25 has arrived to change the life of users and deliver a smooth driving experience. 

The update is not limited to Tesla users as everyone will be receiving the features in the Boombox mode. This mode will enable the drivers to customize their line-up Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. Tesla has made the five different custom modes with the use of USB keys. It has received sound-effect upgrades that Musk told the audience on the Twitter handle.

The Boombox enables Tesla in driving motion sounds behind the wheel and can be parked or pulled in the summon mode. The boombox is lesser distracting to pedestrians and other motorists. The Tesla Models requires upgrades to use Boombox mode with an external speaker.

Boombox features the on-screen caveat where the individual can check local laws that can be used in public spaces. Boombox is available in the infotainment system in the Toybox menu with a series of many games. It comes with a trio of the new game that includes the Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest, and Solitaire. 

The Holiday update is full of driving visualizations that support Tesla’s Full self-driving technology. It has also refreshed and given it a more clean and subtle look with technological advancements. It has more features that are easily accessible with a single touch and backup cameras.

It has received improvements that maintain the cabin and battery when plugged. The users can get full knowledge and use of the features by watching the video at Tesla’s youtube handle.