Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars


Are you worried about the environment? 

But don’t want to do any compromise with comfort?

Everyone is aware of how the smoke emanating from the fuel cars is ruining our environment. But electric cars are proving a boon in this regard as it has lessened this drawback of fuel vehicles by using electricity as a fuel and providing you the same level of comfort.

But just as a coin has two different aspects—e-cars too have their pros & cons. And, here we are bringing those positive and negative aspects of them.


  • Maintenance

It costs approximately one-third maintenance in comparison to fuel cars because in e-cars there is no changing of engine oil or frequent wearing of brakes.

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  • Efficiency 

EV converts up to 55% to 65% fuel source into the generation of power therefore, it is highly efficient as compared to fuel cars which generate 15% to 20% power from the fuel source.

  • Eco-friendliness

Its ecological status is green as there is no greenhouse gas emission in e-cars.

  • Noise-Free

Since no combustion of fuel is required therefore e-cars have no humming noise of the engine. As a result, they are too quiet and swift.

  • Tax Relief

You may be given a tax credit of $7,500 by the government as per your car model and battery efficiency. Government offers such incentives to e-car owners to appreciate their support in making the environment healthy.

  • Home Comfort Refueling

In the case of e-cars—you are not supposed to go anywhere to fill the tummy of your vehicle with fuel; the only thing you have to do is to plug your car in power outlet and sit down worry-free.

  • Performance

It generates much more torque than that of fuel cars.



True! EVs are excellent, but a few things bother to their users:

  • Charging Station

You cannot find EVs’ charging stations everywhere. Being their fresh arrival in the world—the network of their conveniences and facilities is building. If you’ve to take it on a long journey—it’s possible you’d not be able to charge your car.

  • Charging Time

They take a lot of time to get recharged, or if not the time—they take a lot of money to recharge via a superfast charging station.

  • Cost

EVs are very costly; however, if you’ve to drive it anyway—you must find a used car near you and buy it.

  • Range

Most of the electric cars have to face range complaints.

Lesser driving miles, higher recharging time.

  • Rural & Battery Cons

Battery replacement is a hefty job, also due to the shortage of electricity—EVs cannot survive in rural areas.


After reading the above article—below are some of the most expected questions that can come to one’s mind:

Ques: Are electric cars better?

Ans. Yes! Electric cars are better because they cause less or no pollution—higher the number of EVs on the roads, lesser the pollution. It could be a resolution to the vehicular pollution and so global warming. If there’s a % chance, we should accept and use them as much as possible.

Ques: Where can I buy a used electric car?

Ans. You can find and get them via

Ques: Are electric cars reliable?

Ans. Yes! EVs are more reliable than gasoline cars.

Ques: How long will electric cars last?

Ans. It varies from car to car, so it’s hard to find out how many years electric cars last—still, on average, if maintained well an electric car could last up to or more than 100,000 miles.