Nissan Dealers to make a fortune by selling more Titan Pick-up Trucks

Nissan Dealers to make a fortune by selling more Titan Pick-up Trucks

The manufacturers never offer something like this to a Nissan dealer also they’re ready to pay a hefty amount for the same. Surprising? Yes! The sale of these models has been slower than ever which resulted in this decision by Nissan.

The brand is offering a hidden rebate to dealers this will promote the dealerships to focus and sell more vehicles. The buyers can also demand their share if they’re aware of the rebate.

Nissan is paying its dealers a rebate of $1500 per truck when sold five titans in December. As they sell more or make it to 12 the incentive increases from $2,500 per truck and with 13 trucks the incentive extends to $4000 per truck. These rebates rewards are attractive and huge as Nissan dealer can make up to $60,000 in a month.

Nissan Titan is reliable with maximum durability and advanced technology. The pick-up truck has all the features like any other Ford F-150, RAM 1500, or GMC. However, it cannot provide the same ride as them that has led to a decrease in sales.  To push the sales, Nissan has provided these hidden rebates to Nissan car dealerships.

The ups and downs this year have majorly affected the automotive industry. The sales, supply, and demand for new vehicles have been drastically reduced the purchasing power of the buyer has affected. Most manufacturers are still dealing with the loss, shut down production, and delay in supply of new vehicles.

The smart buyer will definitely benefit from the situation as selling 15 Titans in a row will provide excellent cash flow. This deal is vital to a car dealership as every sale will benefit them where the buyer has the option to negotiate and take the best deal on the table.

The holidays are approaching Christmas and New year car deals are making their way in the United States. Combine these deals with negotiation from the Nissan Dealer and get Titan at the lowest price at your home. 

The Nissan dealerships have been offering zero percent APR for 84 months along with financing, incentives, cash back, and more. Before you run for the 2021 model research the 2020 model if there’s a slight difference in features but major in price go for the 2020 line-up. The 10-15 percent is going to save you hundreds of dollars.

“Save Money, Shop Smart. Happy Holidays!”