New Car Technologies for the Year 2022

New Car Technologies for the Year 2022

The new cars are coming with different features which are enhanced by the application of technologies. These features provide extra safety to the drivers as well as passengers. Although the price may increase due to the various additional features in the cars.

Here is the list of technologies that advance the safety of the passengers and drivers in today’s vehicles.

1. Advanced Driver Assist Systems

If we compare today’s vehicles with the older vehicles from 10 years from now, you would not see a huge difference in the basic chassis of a mainstream four-wheeler, but then the difference is created by the technology, the safety, and comfort of a driver is at the priority nowadays so the vehicle makers are making new vehicles with newly implemented technologies like advanced driver assist systems, which include a lot of features depending on the model of the car.

Their driver safety features include Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, reverse brake assist for shorter reaction times, and assisted driving experience to provide more comfort to the driver.

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2. Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking system commonly abbreviated as AEB, is a new revolutionary technology in cars nowadays that is becoming the new norm since it is very helpful in the case of emergencies and has the potential to save a lot of lives. A intelligently detects the possibility of an accident before your brain can act as quickly as it needs to be, it can even hit the brake harder than you can but that is only for emergencies.

3. Connected Mobile Apps/Digital Key

Since in today’s scenario mobile phones are an integral part of our lives and we sure are not leaving any chance to take advantage of that while we can, so for our convenience, the carmakers are making these new cars smarter and smarter by the day.

The connectivity in these cars has made smartphones more useful in this field since it provides features like remote locking, remote unlocking or even starting the engine remotely. Some secondary features like fuel levels and tire pressure levels.

4. Teen Driver Technology

This is a new feature that has not been seen in many car brands except one that is General Motors. As the minimum driving age for a person in the United States is 16, there is a big set of teenagers that drive cars nowadays. The problem is that most of these teenagers are late learners that don’t possess enough experience of driving, but the general motors have shown their innovation in this field so that teenagers do not require a secondary driver or helper to drive a car.

The car itself is a supervisor for the teen driver and helps the teens to not get caught in an accident and strictly manages them to not do anything that is not supposed to be done.

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5. Exit Warning to Protect Cyclists

To avoid common bicycle accidents where the car driver or passenger opens the gate while a bike rider is approaching, the carmakers have implemented a clever sensor system that protects not only the bikers but the car’s chassis too. In most cars, the sensors detect the biker approaching and tell the driver by some indication and in some cases, it immediately locks the door to prevent the accident.

6. 360-Degree Camera

The rear sensors have been condemned by the new 360 rear camera technology that gives an overall view of the rear side of your vehicle which comes very handy while parking and through a clever AR technology it can show you a top view of your car which includes the surroundings of your car.


Here we have already discussed the amazing features which surely improve the performance and functioning of the vehicles. With time, the advancement in the technologies, there is the arrival of new models and makes which provide a good competition to the previously available vehicles. Safety is the main purpose, as these new featured cars provide better safety to the passengers as well as drivers.