Mercedes Introduces its huge line of Electric Cars

Mercedes Introduces its huge line of Electric Cars
Mercedes has finally introduced its new line-up of electric cars. 

On Tuesday it is announced that that Mercedes is going to launch a variety of electric cars. The cars that are going to sell by Mercedes is of high-performance AMGs and the luxury Maybachs. Apart from this, all the electric vehicles are going to get less than 100 miles of range. Several vehicles that Mercedes is going to launch, one of them is going to be its new front runner, EQA. it is an electric subcompact crossover that depends on the gas-powered GLA for designing. The EQA also includes six fully electric cars. There are three new EVs that Mercedes is going to sell soon, The EQA, EQS, and EQB with the versions of the E-class, S-class, GLA, GLB, GLE, and GLS.

The new Mercedes electric cars are planning to compete with Volkswagen ID.3 and Tesla Model Y. Mercedes is planning their cars to sell in the year 2021. But the date of launching is not clear yet, the company is planning to launch the cars in different years like it will launch the EQE model also called the E-class electric car in the year 2022. Let’s remove that confusion of EQs or electric line and the car models first. The smallest line of Mercedes starts with A-class and increase according to Alphabetic order. The EQS model is also called the S-class version based on SUV. The GLA version is based on EQB. 

The company claims that the EQS will maintain the range of up to 435 miles based on WLTP standard ratings. There will be a new structure planned for additional battery-electric models. Right now the EQS is all set for the final testing for both indoors and outdoors. Mercedes is continuously moving its production locations, the new EQA is going to produce in Rastatt. and the production of EQS will take place in Sindelfingen, Germany.


If we see the actual specification of these electric vehicles then the EQC mid-size SUV has a combined power consumption of 21.3-20.2 kWh/ 100 km. and weighted Co2 emissions of 0g/km and if we talk about other EQV then it has the combined power consumption of 26.4-26.3 kWh/100km and Co2 emission of 0g/km. EQS has already been tested several times.

Mercedes has included two additional features in the new EQA one is offering you a car with single motors and front-wheel-drive another one is available with dual motor and four-wheel-drive. The exact date of launching these cars is not decided yet. But in countries like UK, it is going to launch soon in the second half of 2021. Still, we can’t commit the exact date. Launching an electric car for Mercedes is going to become a reality soon.