Land Rover to work on Electric Range Rover alongside Jaguar XJ EV

Land Rover to work on Electric Range Rover alongside Jaguar XJ EV

According to reports, Land Rover intends to handle a battery-electric Range Rover model. The electric Range Rover model, alongside already talked about electric Jaguar XJ, will be uncovered during October and November this year, after the delay due to nothing else but the unfortunate pandemic. It was in rumors for a very long time, but the chances are that this could be a confirmation.


The upcoming EV’s size is estimated to be similar to the Range Rover Velar, but with a slight variation in the styling can be there. It can also share underpinnings with the battery-electric Jaguar XJ and will be, based on Jaguar’s all-new MLA platform.

It is sensible to expect that it might offer a range of something above the I-Pace’s 234-mile. The market launch date of the electric Range Rover was also not mentioned, though it’s prudent to point out its Jaguar XJ sibling has been expected to go on sale next year as a 2022 model so, we can expect it as well, but nothing is confirmed yet.


There is no confirmation about the launch date of the upcoming car in the market. All the details given were very brief, but the wait for this new electronic Range Rover to make its debut in the market will fill enthusiasm in everybody’s mind.