Know this before buying used Acura RL

Know this before buying used Acura RL

If you want to buy a used Acura car, you will have a lot of options. With models ranging from a small crossover to a huge sedan, Acura is Honda’s luxury arm and has a long history of dependability and safety for which Japanese automakers (Honda) are renowned. Acura automobiles might be more reasonably priced than those from other luxury manufacturers, even though they have established themselves as a premium brand with a reputation for performance. However, the Acura RL is a sedan that is worth checking out.

The RL was created when Acura switched to alphanumeric model names in the middle of the 1990s. As a result, the 1996-released third-generation Legend was renamed the Acura RL, or more precisely, the “3.5RL,” since Acura wanted to highlight the brand-new 3.5-liter V6 engine that was housed beneath the hood.

Although the RL was a brand-new model, it improved upon the Legend’s core strengths by combining the best Honda engineering with a stylish, high-functioning design and lots of upscale features to give it a distinctive feel. And those are the characteristics that make a used Acura RL car desirable today. However, be careful to be aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of owning a used Acura RL before purchasing the running sale of a used car.


There are two separate chapters in the Acura RL narrative. The second-generation RL is considerably more of a high-tech wonder than the previous generation, which was an understated, lavishly equipped, and comfortable classic luxury automobile from the 1990s. Both are sturdy, dependable automobiles, as you would expect from Honda. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences. If you want to get the best discounts and financing rates for your purchase, then visit our website and type in “Acura RL cars for sale near me.”

Fortunately, any generation may now be purchased for a relatively low price after more than ten years of depreciation. Finding the perfect RL from the listings of used Acura cars with a lengthy, well-recorded service history performed by Acura experts should be your priority.


The 3.5 liter, 290 horsepower V6 that was paired to an automatic transmission with paddle shifts powered the RL from the model years 2005 to 2008. A new, 300-horsepower, 3.7-liter V6 engine took its place starting in 2009. Acura’s proprietary Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) technology was installed in every model to seamlessly extract the most traction possible from any terrain.

Likings of Owners

Acura RL owners often appreciate a quiet and pleasant ride, surprising agility in handling, understated aesthetics, and long-distance comfort and driveability. Many owners were amazed by Acura’s masterful construction and materials, as well as their assurance of dependable performance. Many RL drivers also mention having good gas mileage. Many owners have expressed their desire to continue driving their RL forever.

Dislikings of Owners

Tiny, cumbersome, and difficult-to-use controls for the audio and navigation systems, the inconsistent performance of the intelligent key system, and a relatively small trunk are among the grievances. As a vehicle matures, some owners complain about squeaks and rattles coming from the inside trim, and many complain that the V6 engines could use a little more gusto right out of the gate.

Our personal choice

The 2012 model of the Acura RL, AKA the last year of production of the car, is probably the best equipped. The 300-hp V6 engine is undoubtedly the most significant of the 2012 Acura RL’s many noteworthy attributes. The interior and exterior fit and finish are exceptional, as you might expect from a carmaker with Acura’s reputation. It also has an innovative all-wheel-drive system. The automobile excels at gripping turns and has very sporty handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Used Acura RL A Good Car?

The Acura RL still looks excellent even after three, five, or even ten years. New trends and technology are constantly included. This implies that a used Acura RL remains cutting edge even after a few years, whilst other cars start to seem dull and monotonous.

Is The Acura RL Fast?

The RL is one of the larger luxury sedans, although it is not the fastest. Despite this, it is remarkably strong and smooth, especially at high speeds. The only available transmission is a five-speed automatic with manual shift capabilities. Six gears are common among rivals, but Acura’s doesn’t appear to slow the car down.

What Does “RL” Mean On An Acura?

The Acura RL superseded the Acura Legend as the brand’s flagship, while the Acura RLX took its place in 2013. The Honda Legend sold in Japan’s domestic market has been modified into every model in the Legend, RL, and RLX lines. Refined Luxury is the acronym for the model name “RL.”

Which Years Of Acura RL Should I Avoid While Buying?

Models from 2005 had the highest number of complaints, i.e., 8 overall. So, do avoid that year’s model of Acura RL, for sure. Models for the years 2000, 1997, 2004, and 2022 also had 5, 4, 4, and 2 complaints, respectively.

Is The Acura RL Expensive To Maintain?

The overall yearly car maintenance costs for the Acura RL are $539. The Acura RL is significantly less expensive to maintain when compared to the typical car, i.e., $651 annually vs. $539 for the RL.

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