GMC and Chevy Pick-up Trucks face Chip Shortages

GMC and Chevy Pick-up Trucks face Chip Shortages

2021 looks like a year of parts shortage where Automakers are facing a hard time. The shortage has led to a delay in the launch of vehicles, production halt, or more. GM told us about the areas affected by the shortage are light-duty pick-trucks with no fuel economy tools. 

The global shortage of semi-conductors is impacting the auto industry. The impact is huge on vehicles as they don’t have active fuel management in 2021 line-ups. The production of the vehicle is going on while the launch has been shifted for a few months later.

The pick-up truck is equipped with a 5.3-liter V8 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission with Active Fuel Management and Dynamic Fuel Management cylinder deactivation systems. 

The chips that control the AFM and DFM present in the engine control module has been removed. GM said the vehicles still have AFM and SFM hardware. However, future models wouldn’t have the same system in future with ECM change.

This allows the dealership to run adequately and fulfill the demands of customers and dealers of full-size pick-up trucks. The shortage of chips has affected the Automakers and fuel economy.

The vehicles without semi-conductors chips are running fine on the road without any complex issues. General Motors has been selling the vehicles without the semi-conductor chips while the shortage due to its multiple uses in computers, laptops, and other electronic devices.

GM has lost millions of dollars due to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic leads to a halt in production and shut down of factories. Nowadays, the shortage of parts is affecting production and causing the delay in launches of Chevrolet and General Motors.

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