GM Launches its Used Car Selling Platform Car Bravo

GM Launches its Used Car Selling Platform Car Bravo

Recently, General Motors has announced about launching their used vehicle selling website Car Bravo. The aim of launching this website is to leverage the dealer network and start the sale of half-million used vehicles in stock.

The launch of Car bravo is to clear out the inventory available and outsell the competition. The huge inventory is the leverage against any other used cars selling platform also its growing popularity will provide GM the upper hand to retain maximum profit share. 

The strength of the General Motors network is huge where the website will thrive with a 4200 dealers network. GM has revealed the details of the project earlier also revealed details by mentioning the phrase “feel the usedphoria”.

Car Bravo will compete by providing top-of-the-line standard warranty coverage and trial subscriptions of Onstar and SiriusXM in some vehicles. Buyers can use the GM’s Financial unit and their service and maintenance network through their dealerships.  The global chip shortage has affected the company’s new car sales and revenue which in return has given birth to Car Bravo.

GM will enforce some policies in the future that maintains the used car selling for the longest time. Some dealers offer test drives and home delivery also customers have the chance to purchase online or through the dealership or in both ways. GM also retains the trade-in vehicles with exciting deals and offers regardless of whether they buy the vehicle from CarBravo or not. 

This sounds like Car Bravo is the newest in the market to take their competitors down and encourage the selling of more used cars.

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