Ford Launches Build-to-order & Encourages Express-Buying Store

Ford Launches Build-to-order & Encourages Express-Buying Store

The pandemic has changed the entire car-buying process people have switched to buying from the express stores. People have been more committed to buying online with the easier accessibility to drive the vehicle from the comfort of their homes. 

The entire working structure has changed where Americans like interacting over email or digitally instead of visiting local dealerships. Online buying has seen a huge lift in sales and test drives from the doorstep are one of the main reasons.

The future of car shopping is evolving and changing which turns the whole ordering process upside down. The buyers are interacting and building their vehicles online or investing in pre-orders. The pandemic took a toll on new car sales, afterward, the shortage of chips has locked plenty of vehicles at the production plants waiting to ensemble creating delay and losses to Automaker.

The pattern of online car-buying has given the idea to shift the focus on the vehicle order process. This allows the buyer to order specific vehicles online that help Ford to grow and lift the sales number. The plan is to have the inventory intact on order-based supply within 60 days.

The impact of COVID has drained the resources and shifted in consumer behavior affects the supply chain. The better way to keep the flow going is to start to build to order. The chip shortages are ongoing for a long time which means presenting plenty of choices to drivers to select and drive home. 

Ford Express buy has simplified the option to buy Ford vehicles in the US. There are some vehicles on-board for express car-shopping such as Mustang Mach-E. The driver can begin with building the vehicle and then make the transaction. When financing from Ford, Ford Credit approves based on credit score afterward make payment and get delivered to your doorstep.

There are fewer Ford Dealer who has the optional Ford Express Buy. Buyer’s who are looking to used Ford vehicles online can check at the nearest Ford Dealerships such as Fritts Ford.