What should I do? Filling Up With the Wrong Fuel in Vehicle

What should I do? Filling Up With the Wrong Fuel in Vehicle

If you put wrong fuel in the wrong tank there are some consequences your dear car’s engine is definitely going to face.

What are the consequences of putting wrong fuel in the unsuitable engine?

There are certain consequences of filling the wrong fuel in the wrong car. Though making this mistake does not have many or frequent cases. Also, the consequences vary from car to car. It could be a diesel or petrol car.

Petrol Engine

It’s very unlikely to put diesel in a petrol engine since the nozzle of a petrol car is too small to fit a diesel dispenser. So, the possibility to fill the tank with the wrong fuel minimise in this scenario. Also filling up a petrol engine with diesel is not common. Yet, if the petrol tank is filled with diesel the spark plugs along with the fuel system are going to be highly damaged because of getting clogged with the diesel.

Diesel Engine

It is a really unfortunate accident to happen when it comes to mistakenly putting petrol into a diesel engine. To act quickly to it is not an option since you don’t have any choice other than that or the engine will be totally ruined. Putting wrong fuel into your vehicle not only is harmful to the engine but could also seize it and stop your journey in the middle of nowhere. Mixing of petrol and diesel reduces lubrication which causes damage to the pump as the metal parts contact each other and rub together.

Switching your car’s ignition on will spread petrol in diesel throughout your fuel system, causing further corruption to the other parts as well. Which means that in the long run this could mean that the whole fuel system needs costly repairs or a complete replacement.

What to do if you have put wrong fuel in the wrong car?

Here are some steps which could help you in saving your car’s engine from the damage to increase even more:

  • Inform the petrol station about what has happened
  • Put your car in neutral gear.
  • Call your insurer as soon as possible.
  • Look for a mechanic – who can drain, flush and refuel your car.

 Now as you have contacted the insurance company your car was registered into. They are going to fix the problem even if a lot of damage has done to the engine. But there are some insurance companies which do not cover for filling the wrong fuel. Unfortunately, in that case you have to take care of the damage with your own wallet. While having an insurance for such mistakes is definitely cost effective and helps a lot with the whole procedure of fixing the problem.


What to do and what not to do while in this situation?

  • Do not switch the ignition on : Even if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your diesel car. DONOT turn the engine on at any cost. As long as the fuel stays in the tank your car’s engine is safe but as soon as you turn it on and the fuel reaches to the system your car will have to bare with a lot of damage.
  • Driving the car without realizing : if you have driven the car for a bit without realizing that the wrong fuel is in the tank of your car, the trouble has come. Because the petrol has reached to every corner of your engine and your engine is completely drenched in petrol. Stop your car and turn the engine off the moment you realize that petrol is inside of your engine. And get yourself help in the following steps :


  • Get roadside assistance
  • Tow or take your car to the nearest authorised service center.
  • Get a professional to work on your car.


In the end, you are supposed to pay for the damaged done to the car if your car does not have an insurance.  Like the way us humans have preferences in our daily diet our cars also have their own preferences in diet and following those preferences is the only way we can keep them maintained and healthy as well. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to look after your car and its engine. You just have to be careful with filling the fuel to keep your engine fit and fine.