Fastest Selling pre-owned cars | Best Selling Used Cars for Sale

Fastest Selling pre-owned cars | Best Selling Used Cars for Sale

“Pre-owned cars are one of the best options to buy especially when your budget is less and you get one relatively new certified car at a price that is insanely less than the original price of the car. Used Cars have always had a market of their own, and they’ll always have one until smart buyers are still there on the market looking for the best ones amongst used ones, sometimes getting access to literal pieces of gold at favorable rates as a part of the process.”

Pre-owned cars have a market for themselves and it is pretty huge, maybe not as large as the market for new ones, but not far behind either. Pre-owned cars have always been the go-to cars for those people who want quality cars at the least price possible. It is true that one needs to play it smart to get the best deal on used cars, but with day by day increasing consumer awareness even that has become very possible. In this article, we are going to look at the best-selling pre-owned cars from the last year that has taken it the least time to get resold and have been sold in large numbers over the course of 2018. This one’s for all those used car enthusiasts out there.

It is said that the market of old cars is just a reflection of how the car performs in the new cars market, sometimes the owners and dealers struggle a lot to get their pre-owned car off the rack, while sometimes some cars such as those mentioned below, fly off the rack like anything. Whatever the case, this list clearly shows the trend that is being followed by consumers in the market of new cars. So, it hasn’t come as a surprise for us to see hybrids, electrics and economical cars taking the lead in emptying the lots the fastest while the biggest surprise has come from SUVs with not even one of them making the list of top 10. Whatever the case, it is pretty much a no-brainer that price and reliability are the two biggest factors that determine how fast a car moves from the dealership lot. Scroll down to see the full list of the fastest selling used cars from 2018 as it is.

1. Toyota Prius C

The compact and somewhat cheap yet performing Toyota Prius C is the fastest selling pre-owned car of 2018 by a long shot, it has been sold 3 days quicker than the second place model T while the gap between the 10th and the 2nd is only 3.6 days. This car, when launched, was regarded as a total masterstroke from Toyota because it was and still is amongst the most compact and the cheapest hybrids that are there in the market. Although sales of the new car have been plummeting for the last 2 years, the car is still going strong in the used cars market. While it is expected to lose some more ground in the new cars market with newer and better cars coming each day, it is also expected to continue strong in the used cars market for some time in the near future.


2. Tesla Model S

A general trend has been seen over the years in case of electric cars, especially the Tesla made and this trend really points at an increased sale in both new and used cars market for these electric cars. While most people have been waiting for the Tesla Model 3 to come, its big brother Tesla Model S has been in the market for quite long and it is still going pretty strong at least in the used cars market. In fact, they are amongst the hottest commodity in the used cars market with Demand outweighing the supply by a great margin, this is the reason that they don’t hang around for much longer. While it may be possible that you need to wait for a new Model S, you can just buy a used one directly from the dealer with no waiting or less waiting that what is there for the new ones with people still being huge fans of this electric car.


3. BMW I3

We are sure that just like us you might also be surprised by seeing a BMW on the list of the fastest selling of any kind, so let me tell you that this one is not like the other BMW’s out there and cost depreciation has hit these lot of cars a lot hard than initially expected. Today you can find a used BMW i3 for as less as $24,000 while the price of the new one is a whopping $53,000. So from the look of the situation, it is clear that smart buyers prefer to buy a relatively older version of these little electric cars over the newer version when they have to pay lesser than half the original price of the car. So, in the end, it is not at all a surprise to see this car in the third position amongst the fastest selling used cars of 2018.


4. Toyota Prius

While the model C of this epic Toyota car has hit the first spot, the original Toyota Prius is also not far behind. Hugely popular to the day, it has been somewhat a long reign of popularity for this car wherein it has come out as some sort of a defining symbol for the hybrids and the green cars of this world. Despite traditionally being a car which the car enthusiasts don’t like much due to absence of any sort of exciting feature, this car still doesn’t have any difficulty in emptying dealership lots whenever they grace their inventory just because the normal folk still like this simple, economical and eco-friendly car for what it is and what it offers to the people.


5. Chevrolet Volt

Okay, so this one’s the last amongst Hybrid and Electrics on the list and is the fifth from top clearly suggests the trend in the auto market of United States of America. Getting back to the car itself, modern day average consumers clearly want a car that has good mileage and they want them urgently with all these environmental issues being a concern and Chevy Volt according to us fits the perfect match for the modern day requirements of an average modern-day consumer. Having a recent overhaul that made this car fully electric has made it even more desirable with the consumers. Although Chevrolet Volt when bought new is not particularly cheap at $40,000, this price becomes highly attainable when you decide to buy a used version of the car. This car is also amongst the Federal List for subsidies so you also get subsidies while buying it making the prices drop even further.


6. Volkswagen Golf R

This is probably the first and the only true hatchback on this completely crazy list of cars, although the Veloster is more sporty, the Golf R is king in performance rating. Honestly speaking, this might have come as a surprise to you as it has been surprising to us because cars like these always go for exorbitant prices and they aren’t even expected to make it to best sellers list of any kind at all but as they say depreciation costs hit hard, it’s the same with this car as well. Volkswagen regularly updates the Golf Model R which makes even the older models competitive with newer cars and drives the price for the pre-owned cars of the same model down so that they remain popular in each market new and old likewise.


7. Honda Civic

Just above the widely popular and the most successful car for Toyota, Corolla is the new Honda Civic. Getting some much-needed upgradations during the redesigning of 2015 made this car much more appalling when compared to the older versions and this has been shown in the sales number of both new as well as pre-owned conditions of the car. Although hugely sufficient as well as popular as it is, you can even go for the better performing Civic Si and the Type R if you can shell out some extra cash in favor of better performing and more powerful cars.


8. Toyota Corolla

Widely regarded as the most successful car range in the history of the automobile industry of the world, New Toyota Corolla needs no introduction. Keeping the popularity aside, I guess all of us know that perhaps the reason for this car is on the list is similar to the one for the cars like Accord. Just like Honda, Toyota also has the same reputation of being highly reliable and performing which helps out people in need of a good used car for themselves. Although the quality over the years has not been up to the point and other newer hatches have been way better than Corollas of past few years, this one still remains a popular one amongst used cars just because of the hugely popular name that everyone associates with reliability which makes these cars easier to get off the dealership lot.


9. Honda Accord

We bet a dime that you’d probably seen it coming since the mention of this name in the previous listing dedicated to an arch rival of a car, so here it is the ever so hugely famous Honda Accord gracing our list like anyone could expect. This car is amongst the best sellers exactly because of the same reasons mentioned above, just that it is much better in performance and so it ticks all the boxes when it comes to a perfect used car. Another point also worth noting about this beauty is that it is a car of mid sedan range and those aren’t particularly famous amongst buyers so making it to the top 10 is an achievement enough that is worthy of praise for this car.


10. Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Considered to be among those polarizing little car, this one is probably one of those surprises on the list. While most of these cars on the list are garden-like sedans and hybrids, this car is expected to sit a lot longer in a dealership lot than what is being projected and we have come to think that perhaps this car is weird and funky enough to be able to catch the attention of the buyers easily. Already a cheap car when new, the unrealistically low price of a pre-owned Veloster may also be a part of the reason for this uncharacteristic popularity of this car.

What this has told us about the industry of used cars is that while trends amongst the type of cars remain more or less same whether new or old, the popularity of a specific model depends on its pre-owned price and the depreciation drop it faces when branded used.

All in all this list contained some cars which just had to be there while there were also those that outrightly surprised us with their inclusion. The market of used cars is an independent market on its own and while it is remotely affected by what goes on in the world of new cars, it still has its own criteria which determine whether a car will be successful or not after being pre-owned and perhaps the biggest factor in that is reliability and price which are the same in case of new cars but still so different when you compare both markets.