Experience and Learn to Ensemble Ford Bronco Parts & Exciting Features

Experience and Learn to Ensemble Ford Bronco Parts & Exciting Features

The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco’s roof and doors can be removed the same as in Jeep Wrangler. Bronco is competing with the off-roading beast whose roof and the door can remove. However, car owners have the option to remove the fender flares, grille, front fender, and quarter panel to customize their own rig. Some exciting features include hidden logos and off-road equipment. 


The removal of Bronco doors and doors requires tools that are available in cloth cases inside the glove box. The tool-kit has an ¼-inch of drive ratchet and other necessary things. The hardware can be removed and stored in the provided tool kit.

Bronco doors have two bolts on each door to be removed and unplug the wiring. Remove the door and plug back the wire. Always lower down the window while removing the door to avoid glass breakage. The benefit in bronco’s door removal they remain attached to the truck while Jeep’s mirror comes off along with the truck.

The 2-door Bronco Badlands features three roof panels. The four-door hardtops have a standard soft-top and two roof panels are easier to remove. It has a rear roof shelf with four bolts that can be easily removed. It has fender flares with five plastic latches underneath each one removable. 

To remove the front fender, grille, use the rear quarter to remove the panels. Ford Bronco is equipped with some exciting features that would amaze the car driver.