Electrified Rivals: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E vs. 2021 Tesla Model Y

Electrified Rivals: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E vs. 2021 Tesla Model Y

Tesla was the first to dominate the Electric car market with its excruciating performance and higher range. The intriguing features, tech, and performance blow the mind of the driver. The Automobile market is evolving and changing to become the best in the race and contributes to the betterment of the environment. 

The EV market soon is dominating the roads over conventional vehicles. The change in the industries with the introduction of high-end technology and features that make the drive fun without controlling the vehicle with top-of-the-line driver assistance technologies.

Ford is the cut-throat competitor to Tesla as the brand has achieved sales of more electric vehicles than Tesla. The electric car Mach-E is advanced exciting, and fun and comes with the standard cues with front and rear electric motor, single-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel-drive.

Range and Performance

Tesla is known for its off-beat performance and remarkably quick car running at high speeds with engaging driving dynamics and a responsive steering wheel. Mach-E has a different driving approach with more polished and refined performance with heavy electric motors under the hood.

Tesla is an extremely quick sports car that holds excellent value and worth every penny. Model Y has an engaging driver, nimble handling, and a more smooth drive. The rivals are more powerful than ever with heavy battery packs, and a controlled ride makes the delivery fun and exciting. 

Ford Mach-E comes with the three modes such as unbridled, engage, and whisper. The weighted steering wheels deliver a sporty and quick drive with excellent power and engaging delivery. One-pedal driving can be started or stop in just a few seconds or with a single touch or active regenerative braking.

Tesla Model Y has FSD on the line-up that is one of the most exciting and endangering features to experience and enjoy the drive without controlling the steering wheel. The Autopilot is more engaging and stays in the center of the lane and slows down at the time of traffic lights or construction. 

Tesla Model Y delivers the range of 326 miles with extremely heavy batteries under the hood while Ford Mustang Mach-E delivers the range of 270 miles.

Tech-advanced Interior

Tesla has the most advanced interior with tremendous features that makes the EV drive more exciting and fun. Ford has the comfiest and warm than the Tesla with a larger central screen and air vents with the rotary gear selector. Mach-E has a more subtle and clean cabin with cloth upholstery and premium features. 

Ford Mustang Mach-E is quite comfortable to drive with well-structured padded supportive seats. Mustang has compelling designs with a triple element head and taillights, hexagonal grille, and a sleek front-end with clean designs inside that entices the driver to feel good, and drive safe. Mustang designs are modernized and overwhelming adding the premium touch inside with the vertical touchscreen system in the middle of the cabin. 

Tesla Model Y shares the interior cues with Model 3 with the glass roof with ambient lighting in the three-row seats. The standard features in an electrified SUV have a 15-inch touchscreen, premium sound system, 12-way power-adjustable seats, and rear seats that have 66.6 cubic feet of space. The less is more is defined in the Model Y interior as minimalistic yet loaded with features that wouldn’t let you leave the vehicle like alter all glooming and advanced technology coming for sale at Bell Ford.

Charging and Technology

The charging technology and speed depend on the EV’s charger, capacity, battery size. Tesla has a supercharger network that supplies the power at 250kw and Model Y gets 75% charged up in just 35 minutes with the supercharger covering a range of 230 miles. Ford Mustang Mach-E has the availability of series of public charging stations that allow fast charging at 150kw faster than the Model Y. Electrify America has collaborated with Ford has a 150kw DC fast-charging stations that increase the range by 50 miles.

Tesla Model Y has a 15.0-inch horizontal display screen with an in-built navigation system, audio functions, power side mirror, steering wheel, and easy-to-find supercharger network near you to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Tesla has excellent interference can split the screen in two ways with proper functioning in a single click.

Ford has a dual-screen approach which is subtle and simpler style with a primary display with high-resolution graphics and the screen feels light and exciting.

Should I buy a 2021 Tesla Model Y or Ford Mustang Mach -E?

2021 Tesla Model Y is the one to drive with its tech, charging technology, interior designs. Tesla Model Y is performance-driven and stronger than ever with an excellent range and features.

Specifications of 2021 Tesla Model Y vs. Ford Mustang Mach-E
Engine Dual Motor Long Range Mach-E 4x
Horsepower 384hp 346hp
Transmission 1-speed automatic 1-speed automatic
Torque 375 lb-ft 428 lb-ft
Drivetrain FWD/AWD FWD/AWD
Seating capacity 5 5
0-60 4.1 seconds 4.8 seconds
Battery capacity 75kwh 88kwh
Charging Time 10.0hrs 10.7hrs
EPA 127 mpg city, 114 mpg highway, &121 mpg combine  96 mpg city, 84 mpg highway, & 90 mpg combined
MSRP $51,190 $55,800