U.S needs to switch electric cars to meet up the 2020 climate goals.

U.S needs to switch electric cars to meet up the 2020 climate goals.

With increasing climate change and a neverending increase in greenhouse gases in the environment, calls for a pollution check in almost every country. As more and more financing deals are being available, more vehicles are getting sold. Moreover, a car is that one thing that every other house owns so, despite all the kits available to reduce harmful gasses emission, it is still a vital source of air pollution. 


A recent study at The University of Toronto by engineers states that U.S needs to switch almost 90% of the cars on the road to electric vehicles to meet up the Paris Climate Accord goals of restricting the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C. With all the efficient EVs already existing or ready for its debut in the market, this won’t be as complicated and challenging as it sounds. 


To be able to hit it, all selling cars in the U.S markets need to be electric by 2035, according to a recent statement of the state of California but, it is necessary to consider that Electric Vehicles are not sufficient alone. The reason is that they would require a lot of energy to get fully charged, and the supply would come from electric power. If only EVs are going to be available by 2035, then imagine the amount of power supply needed daily for just charging all the vehicles. 


It would require a lot of financial investment in power supply chains and grids to support this idea. The massive amount of electric power needed daily would ultimately exploit the resources, and at last, the environment will get harmed only. Thus, improving the public transportation system or making it more accessible could turn out as an alternative.