Compare Ram 1500 vs. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 vs. Ford F-150

Compare Ram 1500 vs. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 vs. Ford F-150

Undoubtedly, pickup trucks have another level of craze amongst Americans. From hauling groceries to lumber to tools, pickup trucks are clearly a way through for all. Evidently, pickup trucks now account for 16.3% US vehicles which were earlier 15.7% depicting an increase in the interest to buy more of these, maybe because of the affordability or versatility or preferred lifestyle look. Pickup trucks beat all other categorized vehicles at once maybe because it gives you the comfort of a car and at the same time functional to carry anything and everything you desire. Here is a list of the top pickup trucks and their comparison.

1. RAM 1500:

No matter what, it cannot be neglected that pickup trucks are bigger polluters than compact vehicles but New RAM 1500 is somewhere a solution for not being considered as one of those bane to the environment. Being awarded as Top Green Car Truck of the Year, 2019 RAM 1500 took the lead in economical and fuel-friendly advantages. It is the unified choice as truck of the year because it combines technology, strength and luxury altogether serving you the best.

More of these features include:

  • 395 horsepower
  • 410 lb-ft of torque
  • 12,750 pounds best-in-class V8 towing
  • 61.5 cubic feet vol. bed, maximum cargo bed
  • 98% high strength steel
  • 14.9 inches brakes
  • 6 standard air bags
  • Starting at $33,190

RAM 1500 is awarded with most Light-Duty Truck in America, undeniably versatile, extreme capability, most technologically packed truck on the planet [Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Awards 2018], Best Buy by Consumer Guide eight years in a row, marking sustained excellence.

2. Ford F-150:

As far as the new Ford F-150 is concerned, the Ford Motor Co.’s, green transportation technology, Eco-Boost Engine in the heavy-duty vehicle such as pickup trucks usually give an example of doing more with less eventually getting sustainability into the play.

And, it does not hold back at providing the phenomenal features along with providing you the satisfaction of using an environment-friendly vehicle.

Ford F-150 makes any task look easy by including these remarkable features:

  • 3.5L EcoBoost
  • 450 horsepower
  • 510 lb ft torque
  • Port fuel-direct injection system
  • 6 seating capability
  • Starting from $28,155

F-150 has launched models with different specifications according to the requirement of the buyer along with EcoBoost engine keeping green technology intact. Lightweight yet high-strength, military grade, aluminum- alloy cab and bed, best-in-class payload and towing capability are some notable specs differentiating it from other eco-friendly pickup trucks in the market.

3. Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

The all new Chevrolet Silverado starts at a base price of $28,300. The redesigned truck has a great reliability and delivers optimum performance with a great interior that makes it very appealing. If the car buyers do a lot of towing and hauling then one must go for a V8. It is for a fact the most reliable truck with an amazing capacity of 12000+ pounds. Its cargo space features tie-down points, power tailgate, sunroof and lockable bins. This Chevrolet model has a user friendly infotainment system and even its touch screen is easy to read and huge. Some of its notable features are listed below.

  • Powerful V8 engines
  • 7-speaker Bose audio system
  • 310 hp turbocharged 4-cylinder
  • Expansive seats
  • Bluetooth and USB port
  • Apple Carplay & Android Auto
  • Max payload is of 3000 pounds
  • Clever styling touches
  • 3-l turbo diesel
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • User-friendly tech features

The Verdict

All of these pickups are brilliant however; the least preferred among these would be Silverado. Not that it is not a fine truck but it has really not gained any additional assets to gain much hype. Both Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 are incredibly powerful but if we were to choose one, we would go with Ford F-150 due to its intelligent features. And then close second will be RAM 1500.