We have all known the love people share for Skyline range but Sadly the NISSAN has discontinued the production but sees here we have got you covered with the option of buying used Nissan GT-R. 2020 NISSAN GT-R is redefining the experience and performance which will surely be the best purchase of 2020.

2019 GTR or new 2020 GTR which will be the best car?

2019 GT-R or 2020 GT-R both are high end best cars to buy but talking about 2019 Skyline GT-R it will be now available used, model. Isn’t it the great lesser price of the car but you have Nissan’s best range model 2019 GT-R which is a supercar with amazing high-end technology.

Whether it’s 2019 GT-R or 2020 GT-R NISSAN will never disappoint you in any manner both the cars are magnificent and surely the best purchase you will ever have.

Save Big By Buying a Used Nissan GTR.

2019 GT-R and 2020 GT-R have entirely different approaches in order to redefine the high-end performance in the sports car segment. 2019 GT-R has won the hearts of people by its wonderful performance over the years due to its engine, rigid structure and adjustable suspension to make him the best in the segment of the used car.

2020 NISSAN GT-R is redefining the experience and as well as showcases the perfect use of technology and the new 2020 GT-R is main driver-centric model with the inclusion of Nissan Intelligence Mobility which enables the individual to access the multiple functions and also at the same time it ensures safety too.

Specifications 2019 GTR  2020 NEW GT-R
Horsepower 565 hp 600 hp
Fuel Economy 16 city/ 22 highway 16 city/ 22 highway
Torque 467-481 LB/ FT @ 3,300- 5,800 RPM 467-481 LB/[email protected] 3,300- 5,800 RPM
Base Price $99,990 $113,540
Seating Capacity 4 seats 4seats

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