Buick Reveals the upcoming Electra Ev concept, leaving everybody fascinated.

Buick Reveals the upcoming Electra Ev concept, leaving everybody fascinated.

At the 2020 Beijing Motor Show held this weekend, Buick revealed an unexpected concept EV that left everyone bewildered as it is nothing similar to the typical Electra. It is quite contrasting as the regular ones are the lengthened land yacht from the mid-to-late twentieth century, but Buick renewed Electra concept takes motivation from a space capsule. It was noted by the company that the Electra represents the brand’s ambition to bring together beautiful styling as well as intelligent connectivity in the new era of zero emissions and called it a crossover. 

The concept typically shows how the brand is going to upgrade with each upcoming electric car. Although sharing similar looks with a sedan, the crossover has a beautiful design and is known as the “potential energy” design language as it looks like an arrow delivered from a bow.


The long hood, sloping windshield, roof, rear end, elegant headlights, a narrow grill, a DRL design, wheels, and most importantly, the butterfly-style doors that one usually sees on Lamborghinis adds to the sleek design that is appreciable. The interior is also modern as it has a retractable steering wheel for autonomous driving. It will also feature GM’s new Ultium batteries that are said to be of utmost importance and would provide a better range to the car.

  • The upcoming  Electra Ev will have a driving range of up to 410 miles.
  • The electric powertrain will feature two electric motors that will deliver a combined 583 horsepower.
  • The acceleration of the vehicle is about 0-60 mph in less than 4.3 seconds.


The concept itself is so captivating that waiting for it to get revealed and its debut in the market is going to be very tough. The Upcoming Electra Ev is setting a bar higher for competitors in the market and will be the talk of the town for a lot of days.