Black Friday Car Deals for 2021

Black Friday Car Deals for 2021

The Black Friday deals are the best season deals for car buyers.  If you are planning to buy a new car, Black Friday is the best time for you. There are amazing offers on almost every brand and dealership. Let’s check a few brands that are offering amazing deals this year.

Even despite two consecutive years of global pandemics, there is still a good chance to grab a good deal this festive season. In the last few years, the biggest shopping sale occurs on Black Friday. But, there is a slight chance that most probably this year, a pandemic may hit the automobile market and dealerships. Due to pandemics, there is a shortage of chips and parts that affected the automotive sector and their sale. 

Black Festive Brand Deals for 2021

1. Acura

On the special occasion of Black Friday, Acura is offering a great discount on four different models. These models are from both the 2021 and 2022 models. There is an opportunity to get an Acura TLX 2021 model with 0% interest rate financing for more than 30 months and Acura RDX offers a save of up to $4500.

2. Lincoln Navigator

On the event of black Friday, Lincoln has launched its wish list sale again like every year. This wish list includes a credit on their flagship model – Lincoln Navigator 2021 up to worth $1400 on your one-month lease. Also a $500-900 ranging credit on Lincoln luxury SUVs. There is a 0% interest finance option for 2021 Corsair.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Even after just having a major redesign Jeep is not backing off from providing a grand deal on the Grand Cherokee of 2021. Generally, the maximum span that is ever offered by Jeep in any other vehicle is 72 months but this time it is extended to 84 months which is marked to be the craziest deal of this year.

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4. Chevrolet Traverse

 The flagship Chevrolet Traverse is coming this Black Friday with a great deal combined with a little incentive of $500 cyber cash and a great finance option of 72 months on 0% interest. One back fall of this cyber cash offer is that unlike cash you have to submit your application with the website and you can redeem that later at a dealer shop.

5. Mercedes GLB-Class

 This festive season Mercedes is offering a ton of complementary payment credits on luxury vehicles, like on the new upcoming 2022-GLB class SUV, the company might cover over $499 off your first month’s finance payment, also models like GLE and GLC might offer up to $750. 2021’s GLB is also there in the stock. Deals particularly in the current month might be amusing if you’re in hurry, might take some advantage out of them.

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6. Lexus ES

Lexus has decided to start its annual sale at the end of December to get an early sale, featuring up to $4500 in factory cash leash, even on some configurations you can also see a minimum of $419/month. Lexus has been found incredibly difficult to be found in the stock, because of the chip storage. Which results in premium charging by the dealers.


The deals offered in the Black Friday Sale are amazing. If you are planning to purchase a new car, this is the best time to go for it. Check the above dealers in your nearby locations to find out the right choice for you and your family based on your budget list. There is no doubt you will benefit a lot from the sale a lot within your budget used.