Best Time to Buy a Used Cars in the USA

Best Time to Buy a Used Cars in the USA

Have you ever stuck with a thought about the Best Time to Buy a Used Car? The Best time to Buy a Used Car actually depends on the sales and discounts granted on the automobile. The most suitable time to buy a used car is mentioned below, to know in detail read more!

Below mention is the list of Best Times to Buy a Used Cars:

8: New Year’s Eve:

New Year’s Eve is the 8th Best Time to Buy a Used Car. The customers want to get discounts and good offers on purchasing cars, So New Year’s Eve is profitable as they offer a lot of amazing opportunities to get the car at the most affordable price.

7. Memorial Day and Public Holidays:

Memorial Day and Public Holidays offer numerous wonderful opportunities to offer big savings on your cars. This is the 7th Best Time to Buy Used Cars. Due to gaining offers and discounts which usually fulfills the cost demands and supports them to overcome the problems regarding price and also quality. 

6. Labor Day and Black Friday:

Labor Day and Black Friday is the 6th Best Time to Buy Used Cars. These two days are most profitable for the car purchasers.  Labor Day which is in earlier September and Black Friday which is in late October. The companies offer zero loan interest, financing opportunity, loan opportunities in this special offer.

5. Christmas :

Christmas is 5th in the list of Best Time to Buy Used Cars. Christmas offers the deepest discounts especially on the automobiles. Christmas comes close to the end of the year, so all the showroom owners don’t want to store the old cars in the showrooms. The sales and discounts increase the crowd which achieve their favorite cars at low prices. Christmas is most beneficial for the people planning to buy new cars.

4. Month of November:

As the end of the year comes closer, the showroom owners offer good discounts to increase the sale. It is observed that the sale increases in this month about 25% of the actual sale. The New Car model arrives at the beginning of the New Year.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January.  This is the 3rd Best Time to buy a used car. The huge opportunity of sales on the vehicles offered at the showroom for the customers with special servicing and many other benefits.

2. Columbus Day:

This is the 2nd Best Time to buy used cars from the showroom at the affordable cost. Whenever there is a series of holidays, the car owners usually offer special discounts to avail the maximum sale from the customers. In the time of Columbus Day, the sale will increase almost 30% more than average deals.

1. Thanksgiving:

It is the 1st Best Time for acquiring a used or new car. With the discount in price of the automobiles, there are offers regarding flexible financing. For some of the shoppers, Thanksgiving would be best bet and they offer great discounts on various used or new cars and maybe you will acquire your dream car with special incentives.


To increase the sale, most of the dealers offer excellent discounts on the new as well as old cars to increase the crowd on some particular days of the year and which is mentioned above as well. It will be profitable to you to choose days from the above list to acquire the profit and incentives. 

You may find good car deals as the owners set the specific goals and price to fulfill their goal sale.