Best Five Pickup Trucks of 2020-Explore Top Five Models

Best Five Pickup Trucks of 2020-Explore Top Five Models

A pickup truck is a light-weight truck which is basically half car (from the front) and half truck (from the rear) with low sides and tailgates, and with seating capacity ranging from two to six adults depending on the requirement of the buyer. The pickup trucks are now a new fad in America proving to be a great alternative to SUVs in terms of body-layout, a massive storage space in the back and a delight for adventurous and adrenaline junkies like just grab your camping stuff and load it in the back of your pickup and go for an adventurous off road journey.

Now-a-days pickups are widely and generally used as a passenger car all around North America. They are truly bliss for small business owners and farmers for transportation of their goods and provide their services not forgetting their own comfort and easement as the cabins are fully air-conditioned and comfortable like a normal car would feel. They are diversified on the basis of their size and purpose and ranges from full-sized pickup trucks to heavy duty pickup trucks. To make your life easier here is a list of Five best pickup trucks of 2020. Take a look below:

Ford F-150

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They come in a variety of models for the customer to choose from depending on your basic and daily needs. This pickup is equipped with magnificent and assuring safety features including front, driver and passenger seat-mounted airbags along with standard safety features of four wheel anti-lock breaks, curve control, rear view camera with dynamic hitch assist and advanced trac with roll stability control. So, it’s beside the point to worry about one’s safety while driving this smooth vehicle.

  • Starting at $28,495
  • Horsepower – 290
  • Engine – 3.3 litre V6
  • MPG – 21 city/28 highway
  • Fuel tank capacity – 26 gal

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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The Chevy Silverado 1500 is the strongest, toughest and the most advanced full-size truck in the history of pickups by Chevrolet ever! It provides high strength durability, multiple trim levels along with modern technology which enhances its efficiency. With its structured engine, stronger built and the lighter built as compared with previous the generation makes it America’s most dependable, long-lasting full-size pickups on the road.

  • Starting at $28,300
  • Horsepower – 277/207
  • Engine – 3.0L Turbo-diesel, 2.7L Turbo and 6.2L V8 with dynamic fuel
  • MPG – 16 city/22 highway
  • Fuel tank capacity – 28.3gal (Regular cab), 24gal (Double and Crew cab)

Nissan Titan

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This comes under the category of full-size pickup truck manufactured in the United States for the North American market by Nissan. With its serene interior and customizable cargo box, the 2020 Nissan titan is an excellent alternative to domestic pickups. This is available as a crew cab, an extended cab and a regular cab. Its revamped engine provides strong performance and the updated design gives it a sleek and elegant look which is quite eye-catching. The transmission is probably the quickest-shifting automatic in the class. The latest version comes with lots of driver-assistance technology which will make the ride as smooth and comfortable as possible for the driver.

  • Starting at $36,190
  • Horsepower – 400
  • Engine – 5.6L V8 gasoline engine
  • MPG – 15 city/21 highway
  • Fuel tank capacity – 26.0 gal

Ram 1500

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This tough-looking Ford F series earned its title as the best pickup in the United States .This re-engineered truck was launched in 2019. Its interior and exterior both are a sight to look at with their exceptional world class features. With its splendid ride quality, comfy seats, enough rear-seat legroom, maximum tow rating and impressive fuel economy makes this, without any doubt, a must have possession. If you want luxury in your pickup, then this is the truck you are looking for because of its luxurious cabin, state of the art infotainment and user friendly control.

  • Starting at $32,000
  • Horsepower – 395
  • Engine – 7L V-8 engine
  • MPG – 20 city/26 highway
  • Fuel tank capacity – 33 gal

GMC Sierra 1500

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The GMC Sierra 1500 comes with ultra modern technology that include six function MultiPro tailgate and ProGrade Trailering. This latest pickup offers remarkable design, segment leading technologies and wide variety of engines. Its safety features are also out of the box with adaptive cruise control,  rear cross traffic alert and lane change alert to provide a smooth and stress-free ride.

  • Starting at $31,000
  • Horsepower – 355
  • Engine – 5.3L V-8
  • MPG – 15 city/20 highway
  • Fuel tank capacity – 24 gal