America’s Best-Selling F-150 Lightning Speed at its best

America’s Best-Selling F-150 Lightning Speed at its best

Ford F-150 Lightning has created nationwide hype and people are loving it. President Biden visited to get the sneak-peak of F-150 Lightning and enjoyed the exclusive premiere of the best-selling pick-up trucks. Lightning or not lightning F-150 will always win the hearts with its power, performance, and striking features.

The pick-up truck that keeps the home lights on during outages what’s more we can ask for? The immensely battery-powered pick-up truck is a savior during a natural disaster, outage, and any unforeseen event. It helps the vehicle during the absence of electricity and allows the storage of energy when the electricity comes back.

2022 Ford F-150 is the best-selling electric pickup truck in the US loaded with high-end technology. The battery packs in the lightning are heavy beast-like along with an 80-amp charge station Pro with Intelligent Backup power features a CCS charging plug. 

The vehicle connected to the CCS plug can range up to Level 3 fast charging. When connected to charge station pro it has an optional standard range battery with an extended range pack. It can power up to 9.6kw of power through the CCS plug’s larger bottom ports and can be connected to the home’s power panel. 

When power is restored, CCS can replenish the Lightning’s battery. This shows the authenticity of the F-150 and how it makes it worth every type of EV and suits the budget accordingly. The Lightning is the first one of its kind that looks appealing to the crowd and loaded with a variety of features enticing the buyers. 

Ford delivers an excellent range with EVs around 230 to 300 miles with a standard range and with an extended range battery pack of  150.0kwh. Ford Lightning ha aerodynamics affect underneath flat body running fiercely on the highway with excellent speed. 

Ford F-150 Lightning Price and Trims

The cost of trims fluctuates according to one’s requirements and features in the truck. The price for each trim is not revealed by the automaker while XLT comes at an MSRP of $55,000. The information on the cost of upper trims hasn’t been enclosed by the Automaker and soon be available for sale at Bell Ford.

The Lightning comes with a standard all-wheel-drive and crew bed. F-150 XL super crew 4WD has a cost of $41, 855. The Lightning base model price is a bit expensive than the hybrid model and it has the addition of crew cabs that has a cost of $45,500 with the V6 engine and XLT with hybrid powertrain $49,995.