2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS features high-tech luxury and technology

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS features high-tech luxury and technology

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS all-electric luxury sedan is revamping with new luxury features and technology, Mercedes has redesigned the interior of the EV with the addition of a dashboard-spanning infotainment system, alluring interior features, premium quality materials, and impeccable exterior.

EQS interior is captivating and the dashboard lightens up the interior and cabin area with high-end technology. It is available in the front and center in the dashboard in the driver instrument cluster, center display, front passenger area with multiple glass multiple screens. It offers a series of commands and intuitive controls that smooth the driving experience.

Hyperscreen features ambient lighting in the cabin area with the glass screen. Mercedes features a vertical floating display and an intuitive center console. It comes with wooden trimmings, materials with subtle designs, and captivating aesthetics. EQS has an ample amount of passenger and storage space.

Mercedes EQS interior is based on the vision EQS concept with athletic chassis, arcs, rounded edges in the futuristic design. The front wheel, the roofline has classic yet edgy in the electrified motor. The EQS is fully loaded with power in the full-size luxury sedan. It has optional 22-inch wheels in the long-wheelbase.

The addition of upscale tech and luxury features in exterior and interior with exciting and aggressive driving sounds. EQS has a roaring big engine with an amp-up sound like listening to Metallica or an electric soundtrack. The all-new EQS will accelerate on road with pump sound and luxurious features.